The Epic List of Homeschool Math Resources

Math is a beautiful thing. It is a universal language, it exists in nature, and we not only use much of it in our every-day life, it is a part of so many fun and interesting careers.

Sometimes it can be frustrating, but there are countless resources out there to help. Everyone learns at their own pace, so it can be hard to find the one book or worksheet that works right for your child and your homeschool math curriculum.

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That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our best homeschool math products. From traditional to experimental and core to supplemental – we’ve got it all. Go ahead and choose which grade level is right for your child, and remember that if they need help or are advanced, all of these products can be used outside of their grade level!

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Life of Fred Elementary Math

It’s no secret as to why the Life of Fred Elementary Math books are some of our best sellers. These non-traditional math books don’t focus on memorization and drills, and rather teach using funny and clever anecdotes from the point of view of Fred, a child math genius. The best part is there is a Fred book for every year of elementary math, ranging from simple addition and subtraction to long division.

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I had seen reviews before saying parents had to literally stop their children from doing math. I thought “No way that’s true”. Well I take it back. My 7 year old has sped through the first book in the series and I literally had to hold him back.

– Jessica A via Educents

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Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth is a homeschool math curriculum designed to break things down as simply as possible for young learners. One of the biggest draws about Math Mammoth is that is broken down either by grade level or by subject. The Light Blue series features different books for grades 1-7, and the Dark Blue series features subjects broken out into their own workbooks like Addition, Statistics, and Money.


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Kindergarten Math

Learning Magnet Pattern Kit
via Barker Creek

Topics covered: geometry, math game

Students have loved and played with tangrams for decades, and while they might not know it they are learning basic geometry while they do it! This magnetized set is perfect for any family on the go and includes a set of pattern blocks, an activity book, and a magnetic board.

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First Grade Math

100 Board Pocket Chart

Topics covered: counting, addition, special needs

pocketchartThis tabletop pocket chart is portable, making it a great hands-on learning center for small groups or individual use. A self-checking feature allows students to work independently. The clear pockets on the front can hold the tiles currently in use, and a convenient storage pouch sewn in the back stores all the pieces. Folds for easy storage. This 19″ x 19″ chart with 100 see-through pockets helps students understand number patterns from 0 to 100, odd and even, skip counting, and simple addition and subtraction. The perfect product for homeschool math students who are on the go.


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Second Grade Math

Math Slam Game

Topics covered: addition and subtraction

A math game that is lightning fast? Yes, please!

Read the question on the screen and choose the correct answer from your options! The faster you answer, the higher your score is. Answered wrong? Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance to answer the missed question. Each game includes 13 questions, and the flashing lights and sound effects keep your little one’s attention on the game.

2nd Grade Super Workbook

Topics covered: subtraction, time, money, fractions, reading & writing

This is the perfect resource for kids who perform better with combined learning! The book includes 320 bright and colorful pages of activities, word games, addition, subtraction, time, money, and even fractions!

What’s more, you’ll get 5 colorful progress posters to track your kids’ progress!

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MasterPieces Math Manipulatives

Topics covered: counting, multiples, math game

These blocks are the even more awesome version of Base-10 blocks! If you’re looking to supplement your kids’ daily homeschool math education with a powerful visual and tactile tool – look no further! The blocks are color-coded and you and your kids can use them to work on concrete, and abstract concepts like number recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more.

Third Grade Math

Rock N’ Learn Multiplication & More

mm6Topics covered: multiplication, division, decimals, fractions

Kids discover what multiplication is all about, learn facts through 12, and practice skip counting. Plus, learn division concepts and facts and begin working with fractions and decimals. Fun songs and zany characters hold attention and get results. You will receive: Multiplication Rap DVD Division Rap DVD Beginning Fractions & Decimals DVD


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Fractions Peel & Play Set

Topics covered: fractions, multiplication, division, math vocabulary

These peel and play sets are all about enjoying learning! Kids move the pieces around to learn from activities and questions. The fabric peel and play sets are easy to clean, and all you need to remove after a fun play and learning session is a little rubbing alcohol.


Fourth Grade Math

Geometry Peel & Play Set

mona-melisa-designs_geometry_half_7ba2Topics covered: geometry, 2D and 3D shape recognition

These durable fabric educational PEEL, PLAY & LEARN sets can work for younger children and older children alike. Whether you are homeschooling multiple aged children or looking for something to challenge kids in the classroom, our interactive wall play sets will fit in perfectly.


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King Tut Mini-Unit

Topics covered: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, foreign language skills

mm11What kid hasn’t been mystified by the pyramids before? If your kids are as intrigued by ancient Egyptian mysteries as we are (not embarrassed!) this is the perfect resource for them.

This mini-unit includes everything from reading comprehension, math review, map skills, to timeline practice! The pack includes hieroglyphics reading with questions at the end, stories about King Tut, hieroglyphics math that uses symbols to teach kids things like place value and addition or subtraction, pyramid math that builds on these skills, even more, map skills and lots more!


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4th to 5th Summer Activities

Topics covered: multiplication, division, word problems, graphing, measurement, geometry

Keep learning alive during the summer. Daily Summer Activities provides ten weeks of appropriate, teacher-developed, full-color, practice activities in major subject areas to help your child make a successful transition from one grade to the next.


Fifth Grade Math

Fly With Me Engineering Challenge

Topics covered: engineering


Has your kid been dreaming of an outer space adventure? This is the perfect resource for them! Using the materials from their Groovy Lab in a Box, they’ll be able to design, build, and launch an airplane with a propeller – that can travel up to fifteen feet!

Kids will get an early lesson in physics and engineering about parachutes, weight, thrust, Bernoulli’s Principle and lots more!

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HELP Math Program

Topics covered: full math curriculum

This licensed program is the best resource to help kids who are English Language Learners. Students who don’t have a firm grasp on the language often have to struggle with the concepts they are taught in classes even if they are gifted! This virtual program includes support designed specifically for these students: Key Terms Dictionary & Hyperlinks (pictures and audio in English and Spanish), Bilingual Support (content and assessments), Need More Help Buttons (descriptive, immediate feedback), Virtual Manipulatives & Interactivities (protractor, number lines, base-10 blocks) etc..

The program helps students understand concepts by breaking bigger problems into small pieces that are more easily digestible.

Based on research conducted at the University of Colorado, this program is great for classrooms – both in schools and home learning environments! Any homeschool math planning using this will surely appreciate the HELP.

Magic School Bus Math & Science Explosion

Topics covered: math game, math facts

A volcano that really erupts? Cool!

This Magic School Bus game is a two-in-one win. Kids will learn about different fields of science and match science based topic cards to master cards in one game and use memory and strategy skills in another game. The fun part – whoever wins gets to explode the volcano! The game comes with a large laminated two-sided board, volcano, bowl, 4 colored measuring cups, clear measuring cup, 16 science master cards, and 80 science topic cards

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Sixth Grade And Up Math

Middle School Math Practice
ShillerMath Kit II

Topics covered: graphing, division, multiplication

Curriculum for 4th grade through pre-algebra. Kit includes Parent Guide; Lesson Books 4, 5, and 6 with 12 diagnostic tests; Answer Guides 4, 5, and 6; Songs Vol. II audio CD with 25 math songs; degreed circle, graph, and division table worksheet pads; tracking sheets; 3-ring binder; geared clock; 100 blue unit cubes; and 12 inch clear ruler; and Montessori-based manipulatives (color-coded decimal fraction chips in wood box, 4 geo-shape nets in wood box, and 12 see-through 3-D geometric shapes in storage tray); plus free downloads* of consumables and music files for 5 years. Typically for ages 9 to 13. Also uses some common household materials to be supplied by an educator.

Life of Fred Financial Choices

Topics covered: finance, multiplication, percents, decimals

mm4Time for a serious finance conversation with your teenager, or almost-adult?

Life of Fred makes the talk easier than ever. Teach your kids all about financial management, saving, wise spending, and smart choices. Use Fred’s fictional experiences to have serious conversations with your young adults about credit cards, taxes, insurance, real estate, etc. The book even talks to teens about the importance of investing and getting retirement-ready.

A truly comprehensive resource to talk to your teens about the value of money!


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The earlier you get your young learner loving math, the easier time they will have with it all throughout school. These are just some of the awesome products offered at Educents, and we have plenty more available for all ages. There are tons of homeschool math options that are affordable, easy and fun.

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