Math Madness Wednesday: Symmetry

 Have you finished your math curriculum? Looking for something to keep the kids engaged and busy, yet still be educational? This week’s math topic is SYMMETRY and there is a lot of fun to be had with this topic! As we were organizing the kids rooms, I looked at their Legos (both kids have them EVERYWHERE!) and the idea popped in my head! I can use Legos to teach symmetry! It is perfect! The kids will be excited and engaged! Here are a few of the designs I created.

lego symmetry 1
lego symmetry 3

You can do this in several different ways. You could have each kid build half of design and pass it to another student who has to finish the symmetrical design. Or, you could have kids design a symmetrical design and pass to another student to determine where the line of symmetry is located (sometimes, there is more than one!). You can also grab my Rainbow Building Bricks Task Cards for Symmetry to use for this lesson. These 20 task cards can be used as centers, as group work, or even for fast finishers. The bricks I used are the exact size of the Legos you can buy in the store (or already have in your classroom). 

How do you teach symmetry? How do you keep the kids engaged at this time of year? Next week’s topic is going to be your favorite math lesson, so I would love to hear about your best ones!