Math Madness Wednesday: REWIND!

I cannot believe June is over and July 4th weekend is coming up! How did that happen so quickly!?  
Since this is a short week for most of us and many of us will be spending time with families, I have decided to have a REWIND episode of my last few Math Madness Wednesday editions. So, when you have a chance, you can check out all of the recent posts in one convenient location. Don’t wait too long!Speaking of my WILD! card games, you can read more and learn more about them in my post here.  

My kids and I have been having a fun time playing these this summer!


Wild bundle picture 4Wild bundle picture 10


Wild bundle picture 6

Wild bundle picture 5


Wild bundle picture 9Wild bundle picture 8

And, as promised, more bundles are in future! What do YOU want to see in future WILD card games? Grade levels? Subjects?  Topics? Comment on my blog to let me know what you want!

money picture with logo

I have also recently posted about teaching Money skills to kids. You can read more about that here. This is great to review with your own kids during the summer, since they have more time to spend that money! Earlier this month, we also discussed Multiplication. You can read that post here. Students who are just starting to understand the concept can build arrays out of LEGO bricks, coins, beans, or any other type of manipulative you can think of!


Drawing pictures to visualize problem with logo

We also talked about drawing pictures to solve word problems. This really helps visual learners to ensure they know what the problem is actually asking! Read more about this strategy here.
building block patterns picture
Last week, we discussed building patterns. I showed you some ways to use those LEGO bricks for educational purposes (without the kids even realizing it!). You can read more about that here.




I hope you enjoyed this REWIND edition of Math Madness Wednesday! We will be back to “normal” next week and the topic will be DIVISION! What other topics do you want us to focus on? Leave me comment on my blog or email me at [email protected] to let me know!