Math Madness Wednesday: Place Value

Today is the day! My kids start back to school. We were able to go in to school and meet my son’s teachers yesterday, so he is much less anxious now, but he is still not sure about going back to school. I’m sure many of you can relate!  🙂
I conducted a short survey on my Facebook page last week are realized that many of you start off the year by teaching place value. I think that is wonderful! I loved starting with place value because if students don’t have that concept figured out, they really can’t go much further with math.
With that in mind, I created a few new products and decided to bundle them together for you!
place value pic 2

First, I included my Interactive Notebook and Vocabulary pack. I LOVE this idea! If you aren’t sure about doing interactive notebook’s yet, you can still use these items by turning them into lapbooks.  

place value pic 1

I included pictures and ways to use them inside the product! For the vocabulary words, I included larger (word wall size) as well as smaller (for student notebooks) versions.  


I just finished two new sets of task card activities as well. As always, they are differentiated so you can use them the whole class OR with different grade levels if you homeschool.  

place value pic 4The first version is space themed and asks students to find the value of the underlined digit.  
place value pic 3

The second version is apple themed and gives clues to a number that the students would identify. The most exciting news is that I have created a SUPER new game that I call BAM! I used superheroes to make it even more fun. The card game is played like WAR. Partners take turns flipping over cards to find out who has the higher number. I included a recording sheet as well in order to hold students accountable.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about my new products! Let me know your thoughts AND how you teach place value!