Math Madness Wednesday: Pearl Harbor

So, did you survive Thanksgiving? I ate way too much and had lots of fun with our family. This time of year is so busy, yet so much fun!  
During all of the craziness of the holidays, it is easy to forget some of the lesser known holidays. One of those that I think is VERY important is Pearl Harbor Day. Not only was this an important part of World War II, but it is also important part of American history, especially when it pertains to our military.  
Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii and has been a naval harbor base since as early as 1820. Of course, the reason it is so popular today is because Japan bombed the harbor on December 7, 1941, which caused the United States to enter World War II. We have been celebrating those who lost their lives since August of 1994 when Congress declared December 7 to be Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. 
Want to bring some FUN into your classroom, while teaching your kids about Pearl Harbor? This Pearl Harbor pack has it all!  It includes foldables, math word problems, reading comprehension, writing answers to respond to reading, and LOTS of history. My favorite part is the FUN with FLAGS activity! The timeline and the word problems focus on all kinds of numbers and can lead to even more problems to solve. In fact, the kids could even write their own story problems using the timeline foldable!

pearl harbor pics 1
pearl harbor 4


pearl harbor 3


Pearl Harbor 6
pearl harbor 5


pearl harbor 7

How do YOU celebrate Pearl Harbor Day?