Math Madness Wednesday: National Sandwich Day AND King Tut Day

It is Wednesday again! Are your kids excited and going crazy for Halloween yet? I am so glad Halloween is on a Friday this year! At least we will have the weekend to recuperate!
National Sandwich DayI decided to jump right into November holidays. Did you know that November 3 is National Sandwich Day? How about that King Tut Day on November 4? I think they have a day for everything now! But, these two seemed interesting to me, so I decided to do some research on them.
While researching National Sandwich Day, I was able to find a lot of information on how the sandwich got its name, but not on why we celebrate a day for it, specifically on November 3 each year. Did you know that the 4th Earl of Sandwich created the first known sandwich? That is, of course, where it got its name. Apparently, he was quite the gambler and liked to have his hands free to continue to play cards, so he put his whole meal between two pieces of bread and used one hand to eat while the other one was free to play. I’m not sure he is exactly the kind of role model we want for our kids, but it could be fun for kids to eat sandwiches for the day, use their imagination to invent their own sandwich, or even write their own story about how THEY think the sandwich came to be. You can also serve sandwiches and have the kids practice fractions or even set out all of the toppings and see how many different combinations they can come up with! So many ways to have fun with sandwiches!
King Tut DayNovember 4 is celebrated as King Tut Day because that is the date in 1922 in which is tomb was found.  That “holiday” actually makes sense!  I had so much fun researching this holiday that I made a pack of goodies for you and your kiddos to use!  I have included things like reading comprehension, hieroglyphic math, pyramid words, and Egyptian map skills.  My kids had so much fun with it that they are currently doing more research on their own to learn more about Egypt!  See below for some recommended websites!
sandwich and king tut pictures

Some FUN Egypt sites:
Do you have any activities you do to celebrate these special days? I would love to hear about what you do!
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