Math Madness Wednesday: Literature for Math Class

 This week, my Math Madness Wednesday is joining forces with The Reading Tutor/OG’s Mentor Monday! We are bringing you the best ideas for adding literature into your math class!
I have collected some of my FAVORITE books to use in my math classes. They cover a variety of topics and I hope they help get your creative juices flowing!  🙂
Books for Math table 2
Another WONDERFUL book is The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns (a math guru!!). You can read more about this book at Emily’s page {HERE}.
And, if you want to practice any of these concepts AFTER reading some math books, make sure you check out my WILD card games for a variety of math skills! With rules similar to Uno, kids easily learn how to play and math skills can soar! These 2 versions are on sale on Educents this week, so make sure you grab them now! For the Two-D Shapes version, students match the shape with the name. It includes hexagon, triangle, rhombus (2 sizes), square, oval, star, octagon, trapezoid, and rectangle. The Telling Time version has students match the time on an analog clock to the same time on a digital clock.
 I would LOVE to hear what books YOU use in the classroom to teach math!  What books are missing from my list?