Math Madness Wednesday: Get Them MOVING!!

Welcome back to school! I hope you have eased your way back to school (or soon will). Of course, I know some of you have already had your first delays or snow days of the year as well. That got me to think about how this time of year can be so tough on kids who need to move around. Not only have they just come back from a break where the rules and routines were not normal, but if you live in a cold climate, they also can’t get outside to wiggle around either. One way to help with that (besides lots of Ibuprofen for the headaches!) is to add movement into your classroom. Kids like to get up and move and you want them to be learning at the same time.
So some teacher friends and I have teamed up to load you up with resources to make teaching a bit easier! It is a good mix of printables along with activities that will get them out of their seat!
I asked one of my friends, Tami from Kamp Kindergarten, to share about her product that is included in the bundle. Here is what she had to say:
From Tami, at Kamp Kindergarten
2015-01-06_21-05-08_570My items from the bundle include 2 Around the Room activities (one for addition and one for subtraction). These can be used similarly to Read the Room, but these include math facts instead.

2015-01-06_21-05-50_163Students can carry their recording sheet on a clipboard, travel the room finding the cards you have hung up, and record the entire equation.

I use these little clips that are around my room so I can easily switch out the cards I use with these activities.
And, for easy storage, I include a copy of the recording sheet, as well as the cards, in a sheet protector and add them all to a binder so I can easily find everything I need in one place.
2015-01-06_20-49-15_621  I love getting the kids up and moving and this is a simple way I do it.  The directions are rules are the same, but the cards and facts can easily be changed out.
 These are only 2 of the 9 total products in this MOVING bundle!
Includes 9 instant downloads and 532 pages of materials including centers, printables, author studies, crafts, lap books, and much, much more.
Academic Concepts Covered
  • addition to 20
  • missing addends
  • number lines
  • adding doubles
  • skip counting
  • subtraction to 10
  • 2D shapes
  • patterns
  • story elements
  • sight words
  • decoding CVC words
  • writing
color by code snow kids picHead on over to Educents to stock up for the kinder and first grade classrooms!

While you are over there, make sure to grab the FREE color-by-code activity. It is another way to keep the kids engaged while practicing skills!

Join me next week as we discuss ways to integrate Martin Luther King Jr. with Math activities!

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