Math Madness Wednesday: Division!

 I hope you were all able to have fun and enjoy some time with family over the long, holiday weekend!  We were lucky enough to be able to hang out with friends and meet all of our neighbors at a block party!
This week’s topic is division! For some reason, it seems to be SOOO tough for kids to understand. I guess it is like subtraction. I have found the more kids are exposed to division, the more they remember the facts. One thing that helps kids understand a little better is to SEE it. So, why not watch a video or two together and then play some online games?  {Here} is a video that shows how division is repeated subtraction. {Thisone starts at the beginning and does a good job introducing the vocabulary associated with division. And, of course, kids LOVE to play games online too. Math Playground has some pretty good activities for division that can be found {here}. Arcademic is another great site with free online games. Check out the Demolition game {here}!
Playing games and practicing just a few minutes each day can make a big difference in how quickly they learn (and remember) their division problems. For that reason, I have bundled all of my division products together. This week only, you can get all 4 products for only $5. This includes 2 WILD card games, a Monster Mash board game, and a set of task cards. Grab it from {Educents} this week!