Making Math Fun for Kindergarteners

Teaching your kids basic math?

Whether they are scared of the math monster or excited to get lost in the world of numbers and shapes #EducentsExperts have got you covered! We’ll show you how to make math fun for your tiny tots.

In 2009, researchers found that informal learning (read: Play Time!) led to a much higher learning success rate in underprivileged children. Bringing some fun to early math learning could make it your kindergarteners’ all-time favorite!

We rounded up some of our top cool math games and resources for you and your little ones:


Math Discovery Early Learning Center bigmoneymagneticcoinsandbills

This all-in-one kit is a no-brainer!

Start your tots off by teaching them how to recognize numbers with picture tiles and counters. Teach them how to write out the numbers in letters and numerals – then graduate them to the big stuff: Math operations!

Teach them all about math operatives, addition,
subtraction, even multiplication, and division with math puzzles, math activity guides, and math flash cards.


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Educational Shower CurtainMath Fun Addition Shower Curtain

Bring learning to bath time!

While your tots splash around, they can multitask and go over some basic number recognition. When they’ve got that down, the curtain’s colorful math operations are there to take them into the fun world of, you guessed it, math operations. Time to learn addition with some colorful numbers on this fun shower curtain.



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Kindergarten Math BIG BOOK: Jack and the BeanstalkMath Fun

Reading time is perfect for some math fun!

Traditional bedtime stories turn into fun math experiences with these books. Colorful, attractive illustrations hold your child’s attention while math operations sneak into the storylines.

Addition and subtraction gets a lot more fun when it’s with Jack’s magic beans and a huffy-puffy giant!



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1st Grade Common Core: Measurement and data Buy Cool Math Games

Teaching your tot how to tell time, or distance?

Let this fun math activity help you out!

The file contains a bunch of activities and workstations that’ll help your tot get a head start on measuring and ordering operations. They’ll get a chance to figure out words like “ascending” and “descending” as they make their way through the activities.

The best part: these activities and worksheets are aligned with Common Core!


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Life of Fred Elementary Math SeriesBuy Cool Math Games

Let Fred do all the work!

Fred Gauss, a math child prodigy is the hero of this book.

As Fred solves his way out of math-y real life problems your kids learn the solutions too. Exercises continue this pattern of solving with stories so your kids never lose interest!

One shopper said: “These books are so fun, even I was staying up late at night reading them! They’re a really great way to do Math. I’ve never seen anything like them!”

Get ready to get addicted to math fun with Fred!


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Making math a kids’ favorite can be tough but with these Educents favorites you have a head start.

How are you making math fun for your little ones? Tell us in the comments below!