Making Paper

Jessica, from Parenting with Research, shares how she makes PAPER with her kids! How fun!

“This is one of our favorite Art/Science activities. We have done it many times and with many different variations. If you have ever wanted to make paper with your kids, this is how we did it.


First you tear paper into small pieces. This is great for building fine motor and boys tend to really enjoy being told to tear paper. (Yes, we make paper from paper. My husband says I always do things the hard way.) Construction paper is our favorite because of the bright colors, but you can you regular paper, paper towels, tissue paper, etc. In the above photo we were experimenting with what would happen if we mixed red and blue paper.


Add the paper to the blender and pour hot water over it. I do this because of the sharp blades and the temperature of the water. We let it sit for 3-5 minutes depending on our patience that particular day.

Red and blue make purple! You want to blend this until it is extremely runny – thinner than applesauce.