Review: Magformers Build Big Fun

Carisa and her daughter use magnets to build colorful, geometric formations.

I have seen Magformers all over the internet, but we have never owned a set until now.  I figured my kids would love them, but we had tons of open-ended building toys and I just couldn’t get myself to buy another.  So, when Educents asked us to review Magformers I was thrilled!!

If I am being honest, I wasn’t quite sure the 30 piece set would provide enough for my kids to get really into. Boy, was I wrong! They have thoroughly enjoyed this set and have done TONS with it!

Magformers Build Big Fun

I videotaped Ladybug (age 6) as she was first exploring with the set so you could see her authentic reaction and how well she was able to follow the guide. I was mainly looking for the Magformers-2739-1clarity of instructions, her ability to follow them, and how the actual pieces stayed in place.
Take a peek below to see her building two different things, the video is less than 2 minutes, and shows her very enthusiastic reaction to her success!

You can do a lot with a few pieces, we have the smallest set and it has already provided hours of play.

She began with the simple cube and then added a roof of triangles.

After experiencing great joy and success, she decided to go for something big! She did this all on her own, in the video, I began taping at this point, but she laid this entire thing out by herself, only needing me to help where she miscounted one row.


She was absolutely thrilled with the result, and I couldn’t believe how sturdy it was!


Final Thoughts…

I recommend Magformers for a few reasons.  I love how sturdy they are; the creations don’t fall apart!  You can do a lot with a few pieces; we have the smallest set, and it has already provided hours of play. I love the colors and the way you can add other sets onto your first set to keep expanding. The appeal to young and older kids is a big plus; it’s a great family toy. So much learning happens through play, and this toy is no exception!

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