Blogger Review: Magformers Challenger Set Loved by Boys & Girls of All Ages

 Oh. My. Goodness! I have just discovered an incredible toy that has kept my kids occupied for hours and hours since we received it two days ago! Today I am happy to review Magformers – the Challenger Set for Educents.

Magformers Blogger Review on Educents

What’s inside

As I type this, I am listening to my 8-year-old son describing the difference between a pentagon and a hexagon to his 3-year-old sister.

The other shapes that are included are triangles and squares. Other Magformers sets contain trapezoids, diamonds, different triangle shapes, and even curved pieces. Our set also came with wheels.

What’s amazing is that the magnets are embedded in the brightly colored plastic pieces, so you don’t have dangerous small magnets around the house. I’ve never liked those other kinds of magnetic building sets with the separate magnets.

Magformers Toys - Educents Blog

Also included is a great instruction booklet that has taught my kids how to make some amazing things. For the Challenger Set, there are instructions for a goose, crab, race car, and castle tower.

When I first opened the box, my 13-year-old son immediately pulled out some pieces and built a 3-dimensional shape. His dad walked by and started explaining to him about a dodecahedron!

This is a toy that's great for all ages to play with!
This is a toy that’s great for all ages to play with!

Here are three ways to use the Magformers in your home (or classroom):

  1. With preschoolers and kindergartners, you can use the pieces to teach the basic shapes. They can classify them by attaching all the triangles together, all the squares together, etc. Or they can classify by colors because they come in a beautiful array of colors!
  2. Kids can be challenged to create their own designs. My kids have already made some very original ones like an eel and spaceship.
  3. Kids can learn to follow directions by looking at the instruction book and doing exactly what it says to do. The instruction book is 26 pages long.

How My Family Will Use Magformers

Sometimes, when I need to get some work done, I find an educational video for the kids to watch. I didn’t need to with the Magformers! They were totally occupied all evening. I even had to tear them away at 9 p.m. to go to bed. 🙂

I’ll be bringing the box with us when we go to our speech class so that my 2 youngest kids (ages 3 and 5) will have a fun and educational activity to do while their older siblings (and I as a teacher) are busy with the class.

Magformers - Educents - I Choose Joy Review

I’m sure you’re thinking what I’m thinking. This toy is perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift! My 8-year-old (who has decided that this is his new favorite activity) has already asked for another set so that they can build even more amazing creations! Magformers come in a variety of different set sizes. See all Magformers Sets here. I received the Challenger set, which is discounted on Educents right now.

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(Disclosure: I received the Challenger Magformer set and monetary compensation. This review contains my honest thoughts of the product.)