Really Cool Education Tools You’ve Never Seen Before

Discover the coolest new educational tools that will empower your child in learning! Here’s a list of innovative products that are new on Educents.


The Coolest DIY Electronics Kit for Kids 

Instead of pulling apart old telephones or a radio that you’re still actually using, supply your kids with their own electronics electronics

From simple experiments like glowing LEDs, beeping buzzers, controlling lights & motors to important technical skills like using a Multimeter to more advanced experiments like automatic night lamp and motor-driver in robotics, you can do it all. There’s more than 50 different activities with step-by-step instructions waiting to be prototyped, tested, and built.

Adorable Yoga & Photography Book

Tis the season for an afternoon walk, kids-yoga-photographymake your fall walks memorable  by adding movement and art exercises.

This precious fall yoga book encourages little kids to explore signs of fall outside, and stretch their bodies into the shapes they discover on a walk. The book even includes a list of yoga poses for kids and a parent-teacher guide.


A Tool for Fidgety Kits 

Does your child have a hard time focusing when it’s time to read, learn, or sit down for dinner?fidget-tool

This brilliant tool provides fidgety kids with a quiet, non-disruptive way to keep their feet moving while their eyes, ears, and hands stay focused. It can be used in school, at home, at a restaurant, or any place that requires the attention and focus of a youngster.


Enough Math Games to Fill Your Closet

math-gamesKids who are struggling with math usually aren’t eager to spend time at home developing their skills.

If you want to create an environment of positive math learning, give kids the opportunity to experience math while playing a game. Whether your child is learning about fractions, perimeter, multiplication or division, this awesome Seller on Educents has a game for every level of math learning. The games are colorful, and plenty of fun for the entire family.

Visual Writing Workbooks channies-visual-handwriting-workbooks_channiescursive0101_2d08

Watching your child write is so fun – what will their handwriting look like? Which letters might they struggle with? Should I teach them cursive?

No matter what your child’s level of handwriting – the art can use practice, practice, practice. Channie’s Visual Handwriting Workbooks are super cute, and all cost less than $10!

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Really Cool Education Tools You've Never Seen Before