Life of Fred Math Books in Carisa’s Homeschool

Our friends from 1+1+1=1 recently reviewed the Life of Fred Elementary math books. The entire family loved the books (including the dog!). See what Carisa has to say about reading the Life of Fred math books with her daughter, Krash.

LOF BLogger Review Educents

Up until about 2 years ago I had never even looked at Life of Fred, and had no clue what all the fuss was about.  I bought 4 of the elementary math books to use with Krash last year as a supplemental review and we fell in love!

We are now using the same books with Ladybug this year, as more of a main math program for 1st grade. Educents kindly sent us the remaining books in the series for this review, since we only owned the first 4 books of the series. The photo below shows all 10 of the elementary math books.

Dr. Schmidt recommends that all students up to 4th grade start with Apples and work their way through the entire elementary series.  Krash is in 4th grade this year and finishing up the series this year {we hope}.  Ladybug is in 1st grade and just started!


These books looked strange to me at first. Take a peek. Does this look like a math book to you?



Not really, huh?  But it is math. presented in a engaging, purposeful and silly way.  Our entire family now really enjoys Life of Fred math! The strangeness is what has really drawn us in.  The characters are quirky, the stories are funny, and the math is practical.


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