This Simple Book Helps Your Children Become Financially Secure

Everyone knows that the best way to become financially secure is to have a good savings plan. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the most important part of saving is also the simplest. The best thing you can do if you want a secure future is to start saving early.

Many people don’t start thinking about this until their 20s or even later, but if you and your children can start early, odds are that you’re going to have an easier time. These kinds of lessons are exactly what Life of Fred Financial Choices aims to teach.
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The Life of Fred series of books is famous for helping children understand elementary math concepts, the series doesn’t end there. Life of Fred Financial Choices is a great tool to get your teenagers to start thinking about saving money.

What you can learn from Fred

Teach your teenager about fiance and learn something new yourself along the way. (2)

It’s easy for teens to spend all of the money they make from their first job, but this book can educate them on just some of the simple steps they can take to secure their future. And hey, you might even learn a thing or two about how you could be saving smarter along the way.

The book covers topics such as simple and compound interest, how to correctly use a credit card, smart spending and more. It presents these lessons like other books from the Life of Fred series, framed around the humorous life of a six-year-old math genius. The lessons learned in this book could prove to be extremely valuable for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their finance.
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  • Recommended for children age 15 and up.
  • 34 chapters with multiple lessons in each.
  • Party of the wildly popular Life of Fred series
  • Good for children AND parents

What people are saying about Life of Fred Financial Choices

… definitely a must have when studying economics or just want to understand your money” – Heather Branstetter via Goodreads

an appealing, fun to read package. This book would be great for a middle school child on up to adult.” – Carrie Willard via

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