Homeschool Review: Life of Fred Beginning Readers

Jamerrill is a homeschool mom of 7 sweet children living in Virginia. Jamerrill has been homeschooling for more than 10 years, and has been a member of the Educents community for more than 2 years. Here’s a snippet of Jamerrill’s review of the Life of Fred Beginning Books, originally posted on

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As soon as the new Life of Fred Beginning Reader books arrived to the Educents office, Jamerrill knew she wanted to use the stories with her youngest children. Here’s her review of the new series of Fred books from

It’s no secret that we enjoy a healthy dose of Life of Fred around here! We were very excited to find out that Educents is now offering a new Life of Fred Beginner Reading Series. Fred is a fun 4 year old boy who has stolen our hearts. We’ve enjoyed Fred’s various adventures in math. Now we’ve added Fred and his doll Kingie to our reading adventures!
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Fred’s beginning reader tales are enjoyed at our breakfast table (and if you see the sippy cup by Naomi’s hand, just know that belongs to her little sister, ha!).


Our younger boys enjoy the easy to understand pictures and character sketches throughout the Life of Fred beginning reader books. Fred is certainly silly, yet full of engaging learning. We received the Life of Fred Beginning Readers Set #2 and Life of Fred Beginning Readers Set #3 from our friends at Educents. We’re so thankful we’ve been able to experience these books.

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Life of Fred Beginning Readers Set #2 includes the following six titles (descriptions from the site):
Eden #7—Life of Fred: Mud
Make a mud hat, swim in a lake and find out how pizza solves everything in Life of Fred Mud.

Eden #8—Life of Fred: Night
Help fred learn how to read a clock, know the days of the week and wait for the bus in your play house in Life of Fred Night!

Eden #9—Life of Fred: Dawn
Learn the difference between purple, magenta, and violet as Fred encounters all three in Life of Fred Dawn.

Eden #10—Life of Fred: House
Read along and follow Fred as he prepares the land to build his house and make it duck proof in Life of Fred House!

Eden #11—Life of Fred: Windows
Why you need windows. Buying and installing windows. How can you let sunlight in but keep the ducks out? Follow along with Fred as he solves this problem with Life of Fred Windows

Eden #12—Life of Fred: Kitchen
Kinge is hungry but can’t make anything without a kitchen! Follow Fred as he builds himself a kitchen and selects a stove and a refrigerator in Life of Fred Kitchen


Life of Fred Beginning Readers Set #3 includes

Life of Fred Electricity
Life of Fred Dinner
Life of Fred Evening
Life of Fred Garden
Life of Fred Peach
Life of Fred Going Home

My Current Favorite Way to Use Life of Fred Beginning Readers


My younger boys, ages 4 and 6, enjoy their current reading program and are learning from it immensely. However as their reading skills are growing I know they’ll enjoy reading these Life of Fred Beginning Readers on their own. My 6 year old, Gabriel, can sound out many of the words when he picks up a Life of Fred reader on his own. To encourage the reading strengths of both boys I’ve been adding these Life of Fred Beginning Readers into our days as homeschool and family read alouds.  At just 32-pages per book, we’ve read a Life of Fred Beginning Reader before bed over the weeks of our Christmas break. Both boys laughed out loud at Fred’s quirky adventures while learning interesting facts along the way. They always enjoy mommy reading to them, and they love that they can transition into reading these books on their own!

The Life of Fred Beginning Readers Set has been enjoyed by my 9-year old daughter who reads the books to her siblings and can be found giggling mid-story as she reads them to herself. The entire LOF set  can be cherished by a wide age-range in a growing homeschool family.

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