Lapbooks: What they are and how you can use them!

Have you heard of a lapbook before? Basically, they are an easy way to keep all of the learning materials about one topic or idea together AND to make them easy to keep on a child’s lap. I have seen them used for many different subjects in many different ways! Weather, Revolutionary War, Parts of Speech, you name it and it can be turned into a portfolio type of lapbook. They are a great way to organize all of the foldable projects, notes, and projects your kids are making into 1 place. And, let’s just admit it….they are FUN!
Kevin Henkes lapbook pics with logo
Kevin Henkes complete lapbook pic with logo (1)
As you can see here, the lapbook helps organize all of the projects we completed while studying Kevin Henkes and put them neatly in one place.  

I like to use lapbooks to store all of the learning projects we work on while studying an author. We usually spend a few weeks going over the books that a specific author writes while we look for connections, analyze the style of writing, and get to know our favorite characters.
Here are a few of my Lapbooks that I have for some favorite authors. We enjoy getting to know their characters. I use them to teach a variety of skills, from reading to math and even good character!
Each lapbook comes with all you see, and more. They each cover at least 5 books by the given author and have at least 5 activities (most have more). All lesson plans and directions are included too, so there is NO PLANNING for you.

lapbook bundle cover pics

What kind of lapbooks have you used? For what topic or subject do you wish you had a lapbook? Leave me a comment or email me at [email protected]  
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