Kittens University: See How Many Cats There Are For Each College Student In Your State

Do your cats love to read? Can’t give them enough math homework to keep them challenged? Are they always setting up crazy science experiments and making a mess?

Fred the Cat studies hard.

No, we know that cats can’t actually read. But they’re the perfect companion for stressed-out students! College is full of long nights of studying, stressing, and speed-writing overdue term papers. It’s all about the grind, and nobody knows how much hard work pays off better than college students. The answer may have been stalking in front of us all along: perhaps college students should own cats!

Fred Gauss knows all about #collegelife. The child genius and star of the Life of Fred book series attends Kittens University, where he studies subjects like Cats, Goldfish, and Financial Choices.

Since enrolling in a school as wonderful as Kittens University is simply too good to be true, we did the next best thing and created a map comparing the number of students enrolled in college to the number of cats registered in each state. Is your state highly educated but low on cats? How many households own cats in your state? What does it all mean? Check out our map below to see the ratio of cats to college students in your state.

Maine really loves their cats: there are nearly 7 cats per college student in the state! 😻 However, in Utah, there are only 1.67 cats per college student. 😿 Check out our map to find more details about cat ownership around the country.

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