Affiliate Program

Why become an Educents affiliate?

Educents offers new deals on educational products every day. As an affiliate, you’ll help spread the word about these amazing offers to help us drive sales while at the same time giving readers another great reason to visit your site! All you need to do is place a banner ad, text link, or any combination of links on your site or blog, and you’ll earn money for each purchase you bring to

“Being a former full-time teacher I know how much money can be spent very quickly on resources for your students. The resources alone that I have gotten through your site have been a tremendous blessing to our family. Homeschooling can become a bit pricey, especially if you have kids that catch on quickly and work through curriculum very fast. I have found the resources and support here to feel confident in educating my sons. That is simply priceless! Thank you!” –A very happy Educents customer

We provide affiliates with the tools to succeed. The affiliate newsletter includes pre-written blog posts about Educents’ top-sellers and innovative products, social media snippets to share, and ideas to create your own content. The Affiliate Facebook Group is a helpful resource that provides tips and a community of peers to collaborate & strategize with.


How can we help?

No matter what your goals are, Educents can help get you there. Here are some benefits that our affiliates receive from working with us.

  • Share freebies and resources with readers
  • Grow Facebook followers
  • Earn a supplemental income
  • Grow newsletter subscribers
  • Test products with children / students

How does the affiliate program work?

We’ve streamlined our entire affiliate process. We help you share educational products with your community, and we provide you with accurate affiliate tracking. The process is as follows:

  1. Your reader clicks on your affiliate link on your site or in an email, and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes (cookies last 6 months).
  2. Your reader browses, and if they order an item, the sale will be credited to you.
  3. We will review and approve the sale.
  4. You will receive commission payouts.


What our affiliates have to say

There’s a reason so many of our affiliates stay active in the the program year-round and earn up to hundreds of dollars in commission sales. From our generous commissions to our dedicated support – we pride ourselves on providing affiliates with the tools to achieve their goals. Here are what a few of our partners have to say about the program:

Since I started blogging 3 years ago, I’ve tried so many affiliate programs, most of which fell by the wayside. Educents has been there since the beginning and is by far my favorite! From experience, I can tell they sincerely care about their bloggers, their affiliate program pays the best, their products actually fit my readership, and they even offer product reviews in addition to everything else. What I’ve always thought of as a hobby is suddenly turning into a small business.

-Celena of The Traveling Sisterhood

“Being an affiliate with Educents has given me the chance to naturally promote products I use in our homeschool (like Life of Fred), making my readers really open to listening and grateful that I’ve pointed them toward such a fabulous discount. In other words, it’s been a win-win!”

-Jamie Martin of

Do you have questions? We have answers! Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.


Are you accepting all bloggers/sites, or do I need to apply first?

We are looking for blogs that relate to education, saving money, and phenomenal products. To become an Educents affiliate, please use our sign up form. It will take us approximately 24 – 48 hours to approve your account, but most applications will be approved the same day. Once you are approved, you’ll be able to login to our affiliate platform and grab banner and text ads to use on your website and in social media.

What is the affiliate commission rate?

Commission rates vary by product but are typically 10%. We do offer special rates and incentives throughout the year and will let you know when those promotions are running. You also have the option to be paid in Educents credit, which gives you an extra 5% commission, for a total of 15% of sales, redeemed through Edubucks. Regardless of how you choose to be paid, your commission will be granted on the 15th of each month either by check, PayPal, or Edubucks.

How am I notified of new sales or the latest offers?

You can choose to link continually to Educents to drive traffic, or you can sign up for our deals emails, which will always make sure you’re “in the know” about deals we have going on. We also have a Facebook Group for affiliates to use as a resource for deals, freebies, tips and tutorials. It’s a great place for our community to connect and help each other grow.

Where do I get the links and text ads? Can they be customized for my site?

You can find links and banner ads on the affiliate platform (you’ll have access after you register). If you need a custom size or would like a different banner image, please let us know and we can have our graphic designers make something up for you and your site. A new banner image typically takes 3 to 5 days to complete.

Where can I track my referrals and commission?

You can track everything on our affiliate platform (which you’ll gain access to after you’ve been approved). Affiliates are supplied with the following data: referral sales, reported commissions, monthly commission reports, raw click data, etc.