Incorporating Minecraft into Your Homeschool Curriculum

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Parents everywhere are looking for ways to incorporate their child’s love of Minecraft into educational pursuits. (It’s one of the things that rocks most about homeschooling!)

My daughter is obsessed with Minecraft. I don’t mean she likes it a little… I mean she plays it every chance she gets on every platform available. It is all she talks about. She even spends hours on end watching videos of other people playing it on YouTube!

Incorporating Minecraft into our homeschool is great in many ways. It encourages my daughter to work hard because she’s enjoying what she’s doing. It stops arguments over “this is booorrrinnnggg.” It incorporates technology into our work. And it makes her happy.

Here are some ideas on using Minecraft in your homeschool:

Social Studies/History/Geography

  • Recreate a location on Earth, ie, a physical feature or a biome
  • Create a building, such as the Arch de Triumph or the Taj Mahal
  • Emulate the impact of natural disasters on societies
  • Biomes and natural disasters apply here, too!
  • Use mods to change the ecology and/or environment and see the impact on lifeforms
  • Test global warming theories
  • Create a Digestion Themepark or other anatomy-themed project (Curly did this for her co-op Knowledge Fair project!)


  • Crafting teaches multiplication and addition (i.e. I need this many ore to make iron, and I need this many iron to make a sword, so how many ore do I need altogether?)
  • Geometric shapes can be built from the basic cube to show both geometry and exponential growth
  • Volume and area can be visualized with cubical buildings
  • The three dimensional coordinate system can help a child visualize higher level geometry
  • Wikis and video tutorials abound to teach children how to write their own mod packs, which are basic coding skills
  • Red stone utilization can teach children about circuity and simple machines
  • Older kids can write blogs or contribute to Wikis giving tips or instructions on the game
  • In monitored chats, kids can learn social skills, spelling, and writing through communication with other players (though I do not recommend this with unmonitored chats)

Want to add Minecraft to your homeschool lessons? Start here.

 About Kathy – I am a Christian homeschooling mom from Northern NY. I suffered a severe spinal cord injury in 2011 which left me physically disabled. This blessing allowed me to homeschool my two children, ages 14 and 11, which we had always wanted to do.  I blog about Christianity, homeschooling, children, marriage, and living as a disabled person. You can email me at kathylapan77 at gmail dot com. <3 I hope you enjoy and God bless!