How to Write an Argumentative Essay

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Educators, do you need some practical advice on the arduous task of writing instruction? Looking for step-by-step, hands-on instructional methods? WriteWell is developing a How To Write video series to guide you through this often tough-to-tackle subject.

Learning how to write argumentative essays? Here you’ll find their first offering, guiding you through the steps in writing an argumentative essay. WriteWell’s visual and tactile tool is a fun and efficient method for walking students through the writing process.


The Essential Homeschool Writing Tool

Writing is a critical life and career skill that needs to be developed through formative years. Learning how to write essays can be stressful for children (and adults!). But the truth is, anyone can do it – it’s just a question of process. More and more, students are expected to be able to write out their thoughts in well-organized essays. If you’re a parent, make writing less stressful, more interesting, and easier to understand. WriteWell gives you an easy to use platform where you can build essays alone or with a class and store them for an academic portfolio.

WriteWell is an award-winning writing tool for homeschool families with kids in high school, middle school and upper elementary grades. The innovative point-and-click writing editor teaches kids how to craft interesting pieces in a variety of styles (persuasive, narrative, informative, blogs etc.) Less work for the Parent + More fun and learning for the kids! Kids of all ages follow WriteWell’s self-directed instructions to compose a full essay. Your kids will love to write and will develop an essential skill for college, career and life success! Take the anxiety and difficulty out of writing with a 12-month membership to WriteWell’s online program.



How do you write an argumentative essay?

The WriteWell app is a simple and intuitive web-based tool that makes writing fun and effective. With its unique visual and tactile interface and library of interactive essay templates, WriteWell is a convenient tool for teachers and students at home or in the classroom. Visit the WriteWell Storefront on Educents for a variety of writing resources!