How to Make Math Exciting When Concepts Get “Too Hard”

One mom discovers an exciting math learning resource that answers her sons’ frustrated question of, “When am I ever going to need to use this?”

Has math time become a battle with your middle school kids?

As my two older boys entered the tween and teen years, I trembled with fear. My boys have negative relationships with math. It was hard enough getting them to complete multiplication and division problems. I wondered how to get them excited and engaged for higher level math?

I have noticed that my boys enjoy learning from a format with short stories and problems – it grabs their attention, and helps them retain lessons.

The Math Madness Book Set has been the perfect addition to middle school math. These challenging stories and brain teasers provide real life examples of how math is used in everyday life. Perfect for my 13-year old who always wants to know when he will use a concept when he is an adult!

Add Real-World Math

Do kids often ask, “When am I ever going to need to know how to use the quadratic equation or exponents in real life?” Do your teens and tweens respond to math lessons with blank stares?

Math books with real-world examples.

These Math Madness books have been fantastic for adding real-world math to our mornings.

Four categories of the math mystery stories include:

  • Math At Home
  • Math Outside
  • Math At Play
  • Math Everyday

One Minute Mysteries adds the twist of mystery to real-life word problems. Problem-solving, logic and deductive reasoning skills are all developed throughout these 65 math stories. Kids can solve using mental math, but students are encouraged to use a pencil and paper for solving.

Click here to learn more about the Math Madness books.

Supplement Middle School Math

Math time can be tricky — especially during the middle school years. Concepts get harder and take longer to master. Kids who struggle with math from an early age tend to put up a fight when it comes to learning probability, pre-algebra, and pi.

Help your tweens and teens rediscover the joys and fun of math.

Help your tweens & teens rediscover the joys and fun of math with math mysteries.

The Math Madness Book Set is an excellent supplement for middle school kids. Kids get to learn about how and when to apply practical math skills to everyday living.

Parents get satisfaction (and relief!) of knowing that your tweens and teens will now understand that having a knowledge of math is a necessary part of life.

Use these books to get those mental juices flowing before the start of math time. The stories only take a minute or two but are juicy enough to spark learning fun.

If your middle school math students are really fighting you over math time, this book set would be a great way to take a break from your regular curriculum.

Middle School Math Activities

Discover how easily you can add practical yet fun examples and problems to middle school math. The Math Madness Book Set is recommended for ages 10-14. Younger children can benefit from listening along to the stories and questions. Older students can benefit from a review or remedial approach to presented math concepts.

Add a jolt of practical yet interesting ways to learn in your middle school math time. Math Madness book set by Science, Naturally will help you energize your math lessons as your students rediscover why this subject can be such fun.

Click here to learn more about the Math Madness books. 

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