How to Create a Homeschool Portfolio (Without Keeping Everything!)

If you’re in the thick of homeschooling and haven’t a clue as to how to save this year’s work, keep reading! As a homeschooling mother, it’s difficult to overcome the urge to save every, little thing my kids make or do in our homeschool. But, it’s necessary to scale back on the paper and clutter we can accumulate in a single homeschool year! How does a busy, crowded family (there are 8 of us living in a 3-bedroom house) manage to keep all the important homeschool student work without adding to the chaos? We create homeschool portfolios for each child, each year.

Here are six ways to create a homeschool portfolio without keeping everything!

320300354_a8e1ce5eef_b1. Select carefully

Unless you have very strict homeschool regulations where you live (I don’t know of any state that requires you keep everything), it’s unnecessary to keep every math problem ever solved or any of those weekly spelling lists. Instead, pick a few pieces of work from each quarter that cover all subjects/extra-curricular subjects your child has learned. This shows progress made throughout the year and can give a benchmark to look back on when planning for younger children’s education, too.


2. Pick some for fun 

Now that you’ve made your careful selections of what you have to keep,1st cake baked in our homeschoolTake a picture of your child’s first kitchen masterpiece!consider a few items from the year that you really like. It doesn’t have to be a formal assignment. That funny doodle drawn on the back of a paper towel or the dough sculpture of the new baby are memories you don’t want to lose, ever.

 (Other ideas that work well include the first cake they have baked, Lego sculptures, or even a photograph of a successful dissection in biology!)

3. Scan and Save

Now that you have all your favorite picks, it’s time to digitize!  I have a small, single sheet scanner I love. I can take it anywhere in the house and scan when needed! Papers are carefully scanned and then saved to my computer in folders for each child that are specific to the school year. Our 3D projects (like that baby sculpture) are photographed with my digital camera, and the photo files are added to the folders as well.

Scanned Handwriting Document from Homeschool
Take pictures of school work and upload to files on your computer. Better yet, a scanner is a great tool that can be taken anywhere in the house. Simply scan and upload!

4. Backup to the cloud

Since computers crash and memories are valuable, we use an online storage service to keep our files safe – just in case. Most storage providers will give you some space for free, but if you need to buy extra storage, choose one that offers a discount for paying yearly.

5. Share when possible!

Don’t keep all the good work to yourself! I like to share some of the best work to Facebook and Instagram. Not only is it a good way to keep relatives and friends in the loop (and convince them that you really do fit schooling in on most days), but it’s a fun way to go back in your own feed to review what the year has blessed you with.

Lego Structure at Homeschool
Take pictures of your kids’ awesome Lego structures! Don’t forget to share on Instagram or Facebook because it’s great to inspire others, not to mention, it’s fun looking back on your own newsfeed throughout the year.

6. Consider an album

One other fun way to commemorate the school year and let the kids share in the memories is to turn the best photos and scans into a customized photo album for the year. Most photo book sites have deals throughout the year that let you get your book for a discount. Consider making an extra copy for Grandma!

If you have past years’ work that needs to be digitized, saved, and stored, it’s best to get started with it a little at a time and be sure to stay current on this year’s work. Don’t get overwhelmed! Part of the fun of the process is going back through everything and remembering how much you’ve enjoyed teaching your children!

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