How Parents Can Prepare Kids to Get Their Dream Jobs

Here’s how parents can set their kids up to succeed at a STEM-based job – like an astronaut or sports announcer – when they grow up. 


Did you know 50% of U.S. students test at or below basic science levels? Right now, the majority of 4th graders test average in math and science, but by the time they reach 12th grade, scores drop significantly. These stats are scary for any parent who wants success for their child. Especially as we watch the rising demand for STEM-based jobs like web developers, mechanical engineers, and app developers.

If your child is at risk of falling behind in any of the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, or math – use these activities to supplement their STEM education at home.


mystery booksIf you envision your child spending their life studying stars, animals, chemical reactions, or food – inspire them with science-y activities that will equip them with the skills and confidence to follow their dreams. A path leading to science will require the ability to research, test theories, solve with data, and present findings. But how can kids build these skills before taking a college course?

We recommend parents assist the development of their child’s science skills with daily practice. Children love these word mysteries that require math, science, and critical thinking to solve. Treat the mystery like a science experiment. Challenge your child to write a science report that includes supportive data of their solution to each mystery.


If your child is keen on testing out new devices, communicating online, or playing games online – they may be destined to become a computer programmer, network architect, or mathematician.

Does your kiddo love Minecraft? Channel their passion for the game towards a skill they can develop as they grow. Kids can learn to build programs, troubleshoot, manage databases, and learn a new operating system while playing this Minecraft-themed coding computer program. In the game, kids design, test on a private server, watch video lessons on how to improve their code, and can unlock badges for their accomplishments.  build an app

Or, put your child’s imagination to the test with mobile app design. When kids create their own app, they will train their minds to design and create a game that all players can easily understand and play. These are skills needed for a future in technology that aren’t necessarily included in the typical elementary or middle school experience.


tinkering-labsParents can easily spot an engineer-minded child. These tinker kids not only love to play with toy robots, cars and machines, but also take them apart and reassemble them! Instead of tossing another disassembled toy in the trash – give your tinkerer a toy they have to build to play with!

Kids can build countless different projects that utilize the power of electric motors. This engineering kit for kids comes with a deck of cards that challenges the power of imagination to build things like “A Robot That Moves Without Wheels” and “A Machine That Can Scramble an Egg.” When kids create structures, test materials, and solve challenging problems, they are on the path to build something even more amazing later in life – like a spaceship, building, or cyborg!


mona-melisa-14-fractionsIt’s no secret that many kids struggle with math – some kids kick, scream, and cry when it comes to learning tricky concepts like multiplication. But does your child realize that mastering math could lead them to AMAZING adventures, like traveling to space or following their favorite team as a sports announcer?

Did you know designing video games, constructing roller coasters, capturing epic landscape photos, and flying a jet all require flexing your brain’s math muscles? Use these fraction chart wall decals to develop math skills like probability, solving math problems, and identifying patterns in numbers.

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