How Do I Break the Nickel and Dime Cycle?

Maria from Kinder-Craze is back again with one of her all-time best posts! Kinder-Craze tells us how to break the cycle teachers find themselves in year after year!

A Better Way to Collect Money For The Classroom 

A few years ago my teaching partner and I put a stop to the Nickel and Dime Cycle in our classrooms. You know what I’m talking about. The note that goes home saying
 “We are working on a special holiday craft… please contribute $2.” Six weeks later, that note is followed by another note explaining that
collect classroom money“We would like to order a magazine subscription for each student in the class… please send in $5,” and throughout the year, the notes requesting money for special events continue to be sent to classroom parents.
How did Kinder-Craze find a solution? …………………….Check it out on her blog!
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