College Prep For The Homeschooled High Schooler

Homeschooling high school age learners can be a challenge. Between freshman year and senior year of high school, kids truly find themselves and begin to set their goals in life!

Homeschooling High School

For some students this might mean setting their sights on a 4-year-college degree, while for others it might mean community college!

Homeschooled – and homeschooling mom Kristen Chase has proved success in college is possible for homeschooled children everywhere. The key is providing your kids with the right tools to make their learning experiences a success.

Educents experts put together a list of their favorite resources – check them out below!


Life Of Fred Algebra Series

Life of Fred Algebra Series

If your students are headed to college, Algebra will be a requirement!

Most college-minded homeschooling students will have to learn some form of Algebra in the high school years!

Life Of Fred Algebra Series makes this learning experience a breeze. The books are told in the form of a fictional story from the perspective of child prodigy “Fred.”

The books entertain, while they teach!


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Life Of Fred Chemistry 


For most colleges, high school chemistry is one of the requirements for prospective students.

Chemistry builds on skills previously gained in many other classes, but the subject itself is often a revelation to most homeschooling high school students! That can be challenging.

Life of Fred Chemistry written by Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt takes real-life situations viewed from the perspective of “Fred,” our child genius, and turns these situations into unforgettable lessons!


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Blank World History Timeline

Most homeschool curricula already include some world history – another requirement on most colleges’ list for new students!

These timeline freebies from The Research Parent‘s store are perfect for supplementing history lessons.

The timelines make reviewing easier – especially if your learner plans on getting their high school diploma, which includes some testing!



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Home Economics – Herbs For Autumn Introductory Unit

This six-page free downloadable resource homeconfrom Gypsy Road, a homeschooling mom of two with a Masters degree in Education is an awesome resource to keep your young learners active and connected with nature!

The unit teaches kids all about preventative herbs and remedies that boost health through autumn and winter.

If your high schooler is interested in learning about natural therapies and medicine, this is the perfect resource!



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Excelerate Spanish – Whole Program

Several 4-year-colleges can require incoming students to have taken several years of foreign language education.

If you aren’t bilingual or just need a resource  to supplement your student’s language learning, Excelerate SPANISH is the perfect alternative.

The kit includes action sequences, skits, and stories that mimic real life and help students build the language skills they need to get them to college while enjoying themselves!


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Cellular Biology – Quick Reference Guidecellbio2


Often, biology is not included in homeschool curricula until students reach high school ages.

This quick reference chart makes the information students need to master the subject easily accessible!

The chart is portable so they can carry it with them wherever they like. If you’re a “road schooling” homeschooler, this is the perfect resource for your high schooler!


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How To Teach The Five-Paragraph Essay5paragraphteach


Mastering the essay can be a tough challenge for many students – even those who have attended public schools for years!

Most 4-year-colleges, however, require that students possess this skill. In fact, most colleges require that applicants submit personal statements that often take the form of five-paragraph essays.


With this book, students will learn how to write captivating introductions, powerful conclusions, meaningful segues, and how to adapt the essay to different forms of writing – whether scientific, or literature-related.


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What are some of your favorite resources for homeschooling high school age learners? Tell us in the comments below!