Moms’ List of Homeschooling Advantages

What are the advantages of homeschooling? We asked our community on Facebook, “why do you homeschool?”

Advantages of Homeschooling - A list by moms

Many moms in our community responded with their reasons for homeschooling. After reading through hundreds of reasons, we realized moms were listing the homeschooling advantages they appreciate most.

“Why do you homeschool?” Here’s what our community has to say:

Individualized lesson plans that specifically cater to child’s learning style and ability. -April T.

Not having to get my kids and myself out of bed for a set time every morning! My son was in kindergarten for a while and I couldn’t be bothered to get us up half the time! Not everyone has the same rhythms, a night child is obviously not going to do well in the morning. -Rachel J Kumar

Character training. -Anna L.homeschooling advantage 1

Preparing my children with life skills so they can actually survive in the world after they are done with school. Giving my children an education that isn’t going to max out at the “required standard.” Teaching my children how to be decent human beings without the influence of zealots. Just a few of the biggies. I could name a hundred. 😅 -Megan B. 

Individualized learning. Awesome opportunities not always available with traditional learning environments. My son at 14 had an internship that he went to once a week. Excel at their own pace. -Lisa C.

I don’t want to be one of the parents standing outside the school waiting to see if it’s my kid that’s been hurt in a shooting. – Amanda W.

No standardized testing. I am a former public school teacher, and years of forcing tests down my students’ throats and seeing their hard work yield zero results or learning was all the motivation I needed to make sure my kids never have to deal with that. I could send my kids to public school and just opt them out of testing, but that still wouldn’t shield them from months of useless test prep and “teaching to the test.” -Rachel A.homeschooling advantage 5

Less anxiety in my handsome young man. -Beth P.S.

My boys love to learn, instead of having to force them to go to school. No phone calls from teachers saying he wants to read a book instead of doing a math worksheet. What should we do? (Um let him read the book and do the math later?) We study what we want when we want. Most importantly, my special needs son gets to learn the way that works best for him, not the way that the powers that be have decided is the best way for him to learn. -Jean P.

So we can take off and travel when we want to. Travel can be so educational. We join my husband when he goes to a conference and we have more family time. Children can learn at their level whether that is well ahead of grade, below if needed, follow their interests, build on their strengths and practice on their weaker areas without being as compared to everyone else. -Marnita S. 
homeschooling advantage 2
I learn right along with my child. Less sickness when they are younger. Grow a garden, learn cursive, genealogy, finances, home economics, cooking, perfect musical instrument/talents, start a hobby and don’t get stopped in the middle of your thoughts to switch gears, simplify. Open an etsy shop or a YouTube channel or a blog to share your skills. Kids just don’t have time for things. Give them time back. -Karen G. 
No awkward class parties, volunteer lists, endless requests for money and items to be sent in, fundraisers, etc. HUGE reason why I enjoy homeschooling! 😁 -Katie M. 

Smaller class size at home = less waiting around for other kids’ behavioral issues. My kids can learn faster, better and enjoy learning instead of being taught to remediate themselves to match the lowest achiever in class. -Sandi H.

Homeschooling is an opportunity for your student to learn in a judgement-free environment, without distractions. As a parent, you have the freedom to be involved with the educational approach of your creative curriculum tailored to both your belief system and your student’s interest to thrive academically. You also have the freedom to teach within your very own time constraints. 🙂 -Jane C.

homeschooling advantage 3

Certainly not the most important reasons, but ones I definitely appreciate — No getting up early, no stressful rush to get out of the door, and no fighting traffic to drop them off or pick them up. -Morgan H.

Freedom from government indoctrination. No hour-long bus ride in each direction! Ability to individualize a child’s education based on that child’s strengths and needs. -Brenda T.

1 on 1 time with my kids while they learn. Able to teach better values then what they would learn in public schools. No more bullies. Getting away from Common Core. -Lauren W.

Our initial reason was getting access to proper treatments for our dyslexic child who also has working memory and expressive language concerns. We said we’d do it for two years so he could complete the appropriate intervention classes and re-evaluate. We are finishing up year four. -Angel B.

homeschooling advantage 4

Learning through every day things. And time is so precious, you never know when your loved ones won’t be here anymore, so cherish the time you have together. -Sheri L.

Teach what we feel important
Teach what kids want to learn about
Teach how they need it presented in a way they can learn best
Family time
Not worry about bus ride, locker room, weapons in school, bullying, inappropriate teachers/staff
Not getting them up before dawn to catch bus
Changing plans on a whim
Not having all their home time taken over by homework
Not having to pack lunches and bags and sign paperwork for them 😁
Less crowded places while other kids are in school -museum, galleries etc -Krysten G.homeschooling advantage 10

I home school to avoid paying preschool tuition, to ensure my sons get enough play and outdoor exploration in their early years, to customize their education to their learning styles and needs by keeping it student-driven, and to avoid negative influences while they are impressionable, in order to provide to them a context in which to interpret and respond in healthy, responsible ways to the negativity they will likely encounter in society. I want to provide them with a Biblical model for learning, through discipleship and based on our spiritual beliefs. I would like to avoid indoctrination of my children, but rather guide them to be critical thinkers and reliable leaders who can take responsibility and make their own choices apart from mine for sound reasons. I’d like to just be able to expose them to useful information and practical life skills, to spend more time with them, and give them the kind of individualized attention that is hard for public school teachers to provide in a full classroom. Finally, because I can. I <3 this country! -Danielle H.


Which advantages of homeschooling do you appreciate most? Tell us!

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Moms' List of Homeschool Advantages