6 Homeschool Resources Your Curriculum is Missing

We participate in numerous conversations about homeschooling, but still haven’t found the perfect, all-in-one curriculum that fits every child’s needs. A well-rounded education requires educators to go beyond the books and apply concepts in an engaging, hands-on format. Don’t leave it to the books. Use the homeschool resources below and ensure your students retain their most challenging lessons.

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Times Tales: Learn the multiplication tables in an hour

If your kids aren’t quite “getting it” when it comes to the multiplication tables, consider this supplemental multiplication resource. Times Tales is a very popular series of videos and games that use stories to help kids memorize their upper times tables.

times tales - multiplication videos

One homeschool mother of three says Times Tales taught the times tables to her kids in an hour. “I think it’s important to point out that the purpose of Times Tales is to teach memorization. Children still need to understand the concept of multiplication — the fact that 7×4=28 means 7 groups of 4 equals 28 needs to be understood. I actually taught my kiddos this using Lego bricks. They loved it and it worked! It was the perfect combination along with the Times Tales video. This is one product worth buying!.” -Celena, The Traveling Sisterhood


PetraLingua: Online Spanish course for kids

Many homeschoolers want their children to learn a second language. This is a challenge for two reasons. One, many times there’s no one in the family to teach a second language, because they never learned. Two, foreign language is rarely included in homeschool programs.

petralingua spanish courseThe Online Spanish Course by PetraLingua is a 12-month course that offers everything kids ages 7 – 10 need to learn the language. There’s step-by-step video introductions, interactive exercises, flash cards, and an activity book.

This homeschooler learned Spanish in high school, but wasn’t prepared to teach the language to her child. “My grade schooler wanted to learn Spanish but I only remembered a little from my high school days. Petralingua – exactly what we needed. We both like that the online course uses text, audio, video, plus interactive exercises. The diversity makes everything more interesting. I recommend it.” Leslie, Homeschooler


Reusable Map: The best visual tool for geography lessons

mona melisa US Map 1How do you teach geography? With a textbook? Do you spend hours creating a map, labeling, cutting and pasting? Save yourself time with Mona MELisa’s homeschool resource. This reusable map comes with all the states, capitols, and geographic information is ready for you to stick on to the map!

Imagine all the ways you can supplement your lessons with these ready-to-go maps. Guess and reveal state capitols, use the compass to describe state’s location in relation to each other. Even beyond geography, you can pinpoint regions where history took place, or identify where species from your science lessons thrive.

These sets are multi-useful. One homeschooler on the road stuck the map to the wall in her RV. “I bought this to use in our RV when we take our trip around the US. I just put it in the RV today and it was perfect! Very durable and well made. Almost like a clothe material. I placed and replaced the stickers a couple of times and they seem like they will last a long time. I’m very excited about this product!” -Kylie K.


Math DVDs: Turn math lessons into musical fun

If your kids struggle in the area of math, these homeschool resources are an approachable way to introduce foundational math concepts. Each math DVD has 12 to 18 video segments, and each video lasts about an hour long.


Concepts included in the Early Math DVDs:

  • Money & making change
  • Addition & subtraction
  • Telling time

“When I made the decision to homeschool, the idea of teaching math beyond the simple, foundational concepts intimidated me. The Rock ‘N Learn Early Math DVD Collection provides supplemental learning and entertainment by combining math concepts, animation and music. I love any chance I get to integrate music into learning time.” – Teri, Mommy Wife Life


ShillerMath Manipulatives: Colorful fraction lessons

fraction manipulatives

Homeschoolers often add supplemental lessons to their math curriculum. Because math concepts build on each other, students must master each concept before moving on to the next lesson. Fractions are a math concept best taught in a hands-on way, especially with geometry concepts in tow.

Manipulatives give students the opportunity to see fractions in physical form. Students add fraction pieces to build a whole. The colors of each shape helps students differentiate 1/4 from 1/3. ShillerMath’s Fraction Set is a comprehensive supplement to any homeschool math curriculum. It includes a fractions lesson book, answer guide, parent guide, catchy songs about fractions, and access to unlimited downloadable resources.

Ana, an eclectic homeschooler who incorporates Montessori methods, used the ShilllerMath Fraction Set a week after her children’s first fractions lesson. “The fraction circles are a big hit for the little ones who love hands-on learning. These multi-sensorial manipulatives help students of any learning styles to be engaged in the lessons and to learn about fractions in visual, kinesthetic and practical ways.” -Ana, They Call Me Blessed


Polymer Experiment: Hands-on science lessons for all ages

Find opportunities to ditch the books and get messy! This science experiment is a fun, hands-on way to learn about science, math, and following directions. This is a great activity for different age groups to enjoy. Experimenting with squishy, squashy polymers preschool science experimentcreates the perfect opportunities for young children to engage in sensory play and to naturally use scientific processes while having fun. Older kids can practice reading the instructions and making measurements. 

The Slimy Squishy Polymer Bucket comes with items such as test tubes, biodegradable cups, mixing spoons, coloring tablets, and an experiment guide to help you make the following: Gobbledy Goop, JellyStones, Water Marbles, Glow in the Dark Spit Balls, Slippery Spheres, Silly Squares, Space Sand, and Super Snow. Adding a little water to crystals and powder will create lots of science fun for your little ones.

You can expect to learn, create, and play with your child. There are many ways to use this experiment as a supplement to your curriculum.  Create snow to practice writing letters and numbers, discuss measurement, and teach the importance of listening & following directions.


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6 homeschool resources your curriculum is missing