Homeschool Reading Curriculum Review: Hooked on Phonics

My two girls are beginning their first year of kindergarten and we have a third child on the way. Naturally I’m concerned about keeping my daughters on track with their lessons despite big changes in our home. We are the type of homeschoolers who like to “wing it” each day. However, “winging it” with a newborn and two kinder-aged kids sounds absolutely absurd and intimidating, so I needed to find some sort of homeschool reading curriculum to guide us through the changes. After researching reading programs, I found the Hooked On Phonics Learn to Read Kit on Educents and knew that this reading program was just what our growing family needs.

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How We Use Hooked on Phonics’ Homeschool Reading Curriculum

My children are so excited to bring home library books that they can read all on their own. It is heartwarming to watch them discover literature. It also makes me, especially as a homeschooling parent, believe I am doing something right. The Hooked On Phonics Learn to Read Kit for PreK-2nd grade is a resource that cultivates my children’s desires to read on their own.


We are using the first section of the kit as a speedy review concepts from the last year or so. Although these are not new topics, the Hooked On Phonics workbooks include activities, lessons, game suggestions, and illustrations that excite the children. As a result, they are engaged and eager to earn a star to stick on the page.

hooked on phonics review flash cards

I integrate the decks of flash cards into lessons, especially in the early levels. Before ever using the cards as suggested by the workbooks, my daughter decided to pour them out, mix them up, match the lowercase letter with the appropriate uppercase letter, then alphabetize them. She sat quietly and intently for nearly 15 minutes, which put a huge smile on this momma’s face.



If you are looking to increase your child’s library, you will increase it by 36 with the kit. Pulling out all the books for just one of the sections makes my daughters beam with excitement. I admit, I am pretty stoked myself to see so many books included in the set. This homeschool reading curriculum is a fantastic and useful investment for any homeschooling family. It is one of the best systems I have seen and used as an all-in-one reading curriculum.

Teaching my daughters to read now feels less stressful and more rewarding. I see their excitement the second I pull out the workbook, DVD or books.

This is exactly how learning and teaching should be.


Highlights of the Hooked on Phonics Program

Not every new educational resource I introduce to my daughters adds excitement to their learning time. It’s hit or miss, like with most kids. That’s one of the joys of homeschooling, the ability to try new methods and quickly ridding the methods and resources that aren’t helping children to grasp concepts. The Learn to Read Kit is recommended for students ages three to eight years old, which allows parents and teachers to have a reading curriculum for multiple years, depending on how their child or students excel.

That alone makes the kit totally worth the investment.

The Hooked on Phonics Reading Kit is separated into four section by age group, from Preschool to 2nd grade. Each section includes:

  • Step-by-step instruction for the parent
  • Two (2) DVDs that are contemporary, colorful, and full of fun and catchy tunes
  • Several books for both parent-to-child reading and independent reading, which allows students to steadily excel in reading
  • Star stickers for marking pages as completed (a kid favorite!!)
  • Two (2) workbooks that include many units with letter identification, writing, rhyming, reading, blending, and more, providing several reading lessons
  • The kit also includes one large activity pad and flash cards to supplement lessons

My girls are becoming better readers by using this kit. We’ve covered rhyming words, beginning and ending sounds, and an introduction to work families. At the end of a lesson, the girls will tell me they like the stories.


Ideas for Homeschoolers

hooked on phonics review

Use the Hooked On Phonics Ready to Read Kit as your entire homeschool reading curriculum. It meets state standards and can be used for more than one child (ages 3 to 8) at a time.

Our shelves are already filling with books to read together, so I’ve been challenged with keeping our homeschooling room organized. Fortunately, the Hooked-On Phonics Learn to Read Kit is kept neatly in a box that makes access and organization of the materials easy.



Ideas for Teachers

The two DVDs for each section are fun and interactive. Students who may not respond well to lectures may have a better appreciation for learning about phonics and reading after listening to the songs and lessons presented on each DVD.

Ideas for Parents

If your child is struggling with reading and their school lessons don’t seem to be enough to help them to grasp the skills, then consider this resource. It is simple to use and does not require you to be licensed teacher or homeschooler. Lessons are put together for you, so all you have to do is read and implement each lesson with your child.

My suggestions to complement your experience with the Hooked On Phonics Ready to Read Kit:

There will be many books to read in this kit so the Eye Lighter Guided Reading Strips will come in handy, helping your young reader to not lose their place while reading.

Students can continue improving their phonics skills with the Time to Rhyme Game.

Hooked on Spelling can help your child gain a better understanding of reading, sounding out words and writing, making it a good choice as a follow up to the Ready to Read Kit.


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