Help! My Child’s Friend Has Really Bad Behavior

Here’s one mom’s ideas for talking to your child about their friend’s bad behavior.


Does your child have that one friend that makes you uneasy? That one friend that after playing together, your child is more sassy or uses bad language? That one child that talks back to adults and talks over other kids? We have all met one child along the way that sends out a red flag, but like so many other parenting issues – what can you do about it? We cannot label children as “good” or “bad” because all children are a work in progress. Some children make poor choices and happen to be around our children. Here are a few ideas for talking to your child about their friend’s bad behavior.

Define A Friend

Ask your child what they think makes a person a friend. Talk about behaviors, attitudes and values. Then ask your child is this particular friend is truly someone they want to spend time with.

Don’t label the kid, label the behavior.

Don’t simply say, “I just don’t like her.” Give specifics. For example, “I don’t like the way she talks back to adults.” Bad-mouthing your child’s friend will force him to choose loyalties and chances are, she will pick her peer over you.

But why?

Ask your child why they like that person. Is he afraid of him, so much that he is trying to become one of them? Ask him why this friend is appealing. After discovering the why, talk to your child about other ways to get the same thing but from other, healthier friendships.

Give Them a Way Out

If your child is uncomfortable with the friendship and would like to end it, give him a way out. Allow your child to use you as an excuse as to why he cannot play or meet up on the weekend.

Set Limits

If your child still wants to hang out with that friend, only allow them to hang out with this friend in a controlled environment, such as your house or in a group and limit the time the children spend together.

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