Blogger Review: How One Box Made My Son Fall In Love With History

Like you, I am always looking for ways to excite my child with learning. I’ve found that hands-on learning activities do just that! Today I want to share with you a fabulous and tell you about our experience with History Unboxed.

My son is a hands-on learner, and that just makes subjects like history a little difficult. It’s one thing to read about the past, but learning goes to a whole new level when you can experience it. Well besides the difficulties in experiencing the past, there comes an added challenge of doing that without traveling the world which is a little (well – a lot) out of our budget. That’s where History Unboxed comes into play. With History Unboxed we are not just learning about history – we have the opportunity to experience history which brings history to life.

We were sent the China box by the great folks at History Unboxed. The box in the mailbox immediately provided a sense of excitement and curiosity. My son could not wait to rip it open and find out what was inside.


Inside we found a neatly packed box of supplies that immediately peaked our curiosity. On the top, we found a wonderful letter from our new friend Ava (dated 221-206 B.C.) who introduced us to their travels in ancient China. This letter set the stage for the learning and helped take us back in time. The introduction letter was jam packed with facts and really got us started on our adventure to learning about ancient China. In addition to the letter, we also found an entire page of additional information and resources that we could use to further our learning of ancient China. I don’t know about you, but anytime I can engage my child in a great learning experience and save myself the time of doing all the background research that is a win-win! History Unboxed definitely did both!resources_edited-1-1024x1024

After reading through the information, Landry was ready to jump right in to the first activity! I told you he was excited. We decided to start by learning about the Qin Dynasty and the famous terra cotta army. We were able to find a short video on You Tube about the terra cotta army exhibit that was in the United States that helped us further explore this topic. Landry was very eager to start painting his own warrior. I was very impressed with the quality of the soldier and the art supplies that were provided for the project. Everything was top quality and came with detailed instructions.


Additionally, the instructions for this project came with a downloadable lesson plan too! As a parent and homeschooling mom, I could not ask for more. Everything I needed (and more) was researched and provided for me! There was a great amount of information that really helped us bring this period in China to life.

History Unboxed Brings History to Life

This was a great project that my son worked on for a few days. My normally, in a hurry, the non-detail oriented kid was so careful and precise with his work. He followed the instructions and took pride in creating his warrior!

In addition to this project, our China box came with otherIMG_1594-300x269 projects too! We were able to learn about the Great Wall of China and complete an amazing coloring page activity that was very detailed. Our kit also came with a sample of Chinese green tea so that we could experience this period in history with multiple senses. We have one last project from our box to complete – a watercolor silk kite. We are saving that one for a spring day so that we can paint it and fly it!

I cannot say enough about the quality of the supplies and resources. This one box not only saved me time but it helped my son fall in love with the ancient period of China, and I’m excited to see his studies continue!

History Unboxed is a monthly subscription which just adds to the excitement. If you kids are anything like mine they LOVE getting mail. I can’t think of a better package to receive than one that is filled with learning and intrigue. Right now you can get a starter subscription of History Unboxed at a discounted price on Educents!

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