Great Review Activity – Graffiti Wall


So you know the sound.. when you say its time to review for a quiz/test and all of the kids groan and mumble…  Not a good sound.  This is just one activity I do every now and then to get rid of those awful sounds.  I’ve heard it called a few other things but I like to call it a Graffiti Wall.


Basically I have a large pile of dry erase markers out.  I give the kids the review topic we’re covering.  (In the pictures I told them Geometry and Problem Solving – those were the two topics we were reviewing).  I have them think of ANY word they can that associates with those topics.  They could think of shapes, vocabulary terms, key words, etc.  I call them up 3 at a time.  They get to choose their own color and they write their word on the board.  Here’s the fun part.  They get to write it HOWEVER they want!

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