Help Everyone Save $10 – Give $10, Get $10

Everyone likes to save money. There’s no doubt in that. You, your friends, their friends, teachers, moms, dads, grandparents… it goes on and on. We’re giving everyone the chance to save $10 on educational resources.

They say that giving is better than receiving, but why not do BOTH?


Introducing Give $10, Get $10

Know a teacher, a homeschooler or a parent in your life who would appreciate the innovative learning resources at Educents? Help them save on their first purchase AND save yourself some money at the same time. Get started with our new Give $10, Get $10 promotion!

It couldn’t be easier

With just a few clicks, you and your friends can start saving money RIGHT NOW! Here’s how:

  1. Sign in on and go to your account.


2. When you get to your account page, you’ll see your dashboard. In it, is your unique URL.

3. Share your unique URL with your friends. When your friend signs up for a new account, they will receive a $10 off code in their email. When your friend makes a purchase of $25 or more, you will earn $10 in Educents credit instantly!

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What next?

You’re probably already familiar with the great products that we offer, but what about your friends? Here are some of the popular products we have to offer that are even sweeter when they are an extra $10 off.

Life of Fred Elementary Math Series


Life of Fred is an incredibly popular series about a young math genius’ adventures. There’s a book for children of all ages, and what’s even better is with $10 off you can grab your first book for under $5!

Times Tales New Animated DVD


“My second grader knows the basics of multiplication, but that is all. I turned on this video and in ½ an hour he was able to solve the first set of problems in second and even was able to extend that to division. While it is imperative that the children understand why the answer is what it is, this program is so much easier that regular memorization and is actually fun! What a great tool. Love it!!!” – Heather W via Educents

Magic School Bus Science Club


Give your child the gift of a full year of scientific wonders. The Magic School Bus Science Club sends a unique science experiment to your house that will be sure to delight and educate your young learners.

Sharing is caring

Everyone has someone in their life that they know who could use a hand. With Give $10, Get $10, you get to not only help others but help yourself. And when you share with a friend, the best part is that friend can go on to share it with one of their friends, and so on. There’s never been a better time to spread the love!