4 ways GiftedandTalented.com Supports Gifted Learners

It’s an amazing moment in a parent’s life when they start to see the potential in their child. You watch them grow as a learner from birth, and when you realize that you can help unlock their inner genius, you begin to wonder what you can do to help them succeed.

Originally developed at Stanford University, GiftedandTalented.com online personalized courseware is here to help! They offer a series of adaptive programs focusing on math and language arts for Kindergarten through 7th grade. These programs are a great resource for kids of all abilities and walks of life from summer learners to homeschooling. Here are five ways that GiftedandTalented.com supports student’s looking to reach their full potential.

1) In-depth Math & English Courses

The courses offered by GiftedandTalented.com are comprehensive and informative. Students can learn independently or with the help of a tutor in mathematics or language arts and writing. They even offer a significant discount when students enroll in both courses combined.gate3

The tutor supported level of these courses ensures that students accelerate their learning and include in expert tutoring on each subject. In fact, a recent internal analysis and a study by NYU have shown students using tutor support finish two grades ahead and score twice the national average on standardized tests.

2) Personalized Experiences and Immediate Progress Feedback

gate2Building from Stanford University’s pioneering computer learning efforts, every course offers a personalized experience developed to fit the student’s style of learning. The integration of adaptive technology that learns based on each student’s work, which then modifies to teach concepts in a variety of modes, ensures complete mastery and a unique experience.

Students also receive real-time reports designed to help them and their parents understand their acceleration and progress.


3) A digital classroom experience

There are many online learning options out there, but the GiftedandTalented.com program offers something few others do – a completely immersive classroom experience. As well as individual personalized work, students will feel like they’re right there with their classmates and instructors, participating in real-time classes via video conferencing and other interactive learning tools.

4) Unlimited tutor support

Families that choose the tutor-supported service level have nearly unlimited access to their tutors. They also have access to a tutor hotline 5 days a week when their tutor isn’t available. The GiftedandTalented.com expert tutors have deep subject mastery and experience developing advanced learners with, on average more than 7 years of tutoring. Also, tutors provide academic coaching to develop ambitious academic goals, provide learning strategies, and serve as educational mentors to the students and academic coaching for parents.gate1

Originally developed by Stanford, one of the most trusted names in education, GiftedandTalented.com offers young learner an opportunity to get an academic head start, building confidence, resolve, and character for students of all abilities. Visit GiftedandTalented.com to see how you can help your student reach their full potential.