Review: Talking Globe Excites Geography Lessons

My kids, unlike me, are huge fans of geography! “How can that be?!” you may ask. It could be because as a child, I memorized geography facts by flipping through pages of textbooks and atlases. My kids, on the other hand, are learning geography with an amazing educational product from Educents – a talking globe! 

geosafari talking globe review

I firmly believe that by the end of summer, my kids are going to be the most geographically intelligent kiddos I know! When we first took the GeoSafari Talking Globe out of the box and started playing with it, I thought that it might be too difficult for me, a 37-year-old homeschooling mama who has quite a bit of pride in the smarts department. Fortunately, my children didn’t even bat an eye.

On our first day with the GeoSafari Globe, they played it for 2 hours straight.


“Challenging” is a great word to describe this globe. After a month of playing with their GeoSafari Talking Globe , they get much more answers right than wrong. They know how to quickly find each continent and are learning where the countries are in each. The globe comes with 100,000 questions, and they still haven’t even heard half of them!

As you can see in the video demonstration, the globe is easy to use and customizable. You get to choose how many players, how long you get to answer each question, and which part of the world you’d like to be quizzed on. The speech is very clear, easy to understand, and you can ask for a hint when the question is difficult. I’m really impressed with it!

GeoSafariGlobeThe GeoSafari Talking Globe is awesome for homeschooling, but it would be wonderful in a traditional school setting as well. It says it’s for 1 to 4 players, but I think it can be used for numerous players — simply pass it around for each question. It would be fun to have a point or prize system, or to use the globe as a diversion when students finish their work early and need something else to do. An incentive not to poke around on their homework!


If your children or students are younger, there is also a junior version of the GeoSafari Talking Globe for kiddos from 4-8. It has great reviews, and I imagine it’s just as cool as this one! I’d recommend the globe we received for kiddos 8 and up. By “and up,” I mean up to age 110. The globe is not too kiddish, so it’s definitely something even your middle and high schoolers can use and learn from. Not to mention your husband or your grandma. Or yourself!

While we happen to be on summer vacation, it’s really nice to have products like this around the house that encourage learning all year long. Things the kids can just pick up and play with, and learn almost without even realizing they’re learning.

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Talking Globe - Excite your geography lessons!