Geography Games for All Ages With Reusable Stickers

Turn your geography lessons into a hands on, critical thinking lesson with these geography games. Everyone knows how to play the Simon Says game. Combine Mona MELisa’s interactive, reusable map set and the Simon Says geography games to ease kids into reading a map and get them excited about learning geography facts.

Simon Says U.S. Geography Games

Here are a few Simon Says geography games for each grade level. Teachers can read the geography prompts aloud, or students can challenge each other with the Simon Says directions.

Because the map is made of reusable stickers, you can play these games over and over in your classroom or home.

Pre-K to 1st Grade Geography

us map geography games - oceanIn these grades, students will learn about land, air, and water. You can also use the map to practice color recognition and motor skills.

Simon Says…

  • Point to the ocean
  • Point to the mountains
  • Point to the green state
  • Stick the green state to its place on the map
  • Stick the biggest state to its place on the map


2nd to 4th Grade Geography

In the early elementary grades, students will receive an introduction to the United States map. They can begin to learn states, capitals, state facts, and how to navigate using directional terms.

us map geography games -pacific northwestSimon Says…

  • Stick the South Dakota state to its place on the map
  • Stick “The Lone Star State” to its place on the map
  • Add the yellow labels to all the states in the Pacific Northwest
  • Name the three states that share a border with California
  • Name all coastal states that are south of Washington

5th to 8th Grade Geography

In middle school geography lessons, students learn states abbreviations, landmarks, historical facts about states, and regions of the United map geography games - abbreviation

Simon Says…

  • Stick the state with abbreviations MA to its place on the map
  • Stick Mount Rushmore to its place on the map
  • Stick the Appalachian Mountains to its place on the map
  • Stick the states to the map that are known for their farming
  • Name and recite one historical fact about each landmark already placed on the map.
  • Point to the five regions of the United States

High School Geography

Use the Simon Says geography games to make your history and social studies lessons interactive.

Simon Says…us map geography games - rocky mountains

  • Point to the state with the highest population in the 2016 census
  • Point to the states where the longest river in the US runs through.
  • Point to the city with the highest population in the US
  • Stick the states that make up New England to their places on the map
  • Stick the states that the Rocky Mountains run through to their places on the map
  • Stick the state that is in the geographical center of the US to its place on the map

The best way to put these Simon Says geography games into action is with Mona MELisa’s reusable, fabric sticker U.S. Map set. The Mona MELisa sticker sets come in multiple themes, including a map of the United States, and map of the world.

Benefits of the Mona MELisa Sticker Sets:

  • Save time – This set includes pre-made labels for states, landmarks, and capitals.
  • Reusable & built to last (seven years!)
  • Colorful and fun
  • Use with multiple ages



Looking for more ways to turn your lessons into a hands on experience?

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