Find Your Local Farmers Market

Our map helps you find the closest farmers markets to you.

It’s farmers market season! Farmers markets are a great way to get affordable and tasty fruits and vegetables for fresh meals. Check out the map below to find the closest farmers market to you! Just enter your zip code and hit search to find markets in your area.

It’s easy to make your trip to the farmer’s market educational, and, when you visit the market, you’ll be supporting local farmers in your area. Take the opportunity to teach your kids the fundamentals of shopping on a budget, how different fruits and vegetables grow and develop, and even basic plant biology like the process of photosyntheses. Eating fresh, nutritious foods even helps children learn.

The best part of visiting your nearby market is enjoying all of the local culture and food. Our map below compares the number of farmers markets in each state. Click on your state to see the number of markets!

For younger kids, set up a mini, at-home farmers market! If your kids are interested in getting involved in the kitchen, they can use cookbooks to test out their skills. See options that teach cooking for young children, cooking with the whole family, and even some books that cover all ages.

What are your kids’ favorite fruits and vegetables? Do you use fresh produce in school lunches? What is your local farmers market like?


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