8 Fun Activities for Tech-Savvy Kids

Teaching tech-savvy kids more than they already know about computers and mobile devices can be really difficult, even if you consider yourself somewhat tech-savvy. Many kids today get so excited about the idea of creating their own mobile app, building their own computer game or using technology to create things they’ve never dreamed were possible.

How can we give our kids the tools they need to learn more about using technology when we don’t have the knowledge ourselves? Youth Digital has the answer with eight, fun digital courses and activities.

Youth Digital’s online courses are year-long journeys for kids to master skills in coding, design, and engineering.

Here are some Educents favorites from Youth Digital:

1. App Design 1: Make Your Own Mobile App


Mobile apps are all the rage these days, and kids are finding their way to these apps earlier and earlier. So why not help them learn exactly what goes in to building an app from start to finish?

Students will not only learn how to design their own apps but will also learn the process that goes into publishing them. We’re all for more Flappy Bird games – but kids can create whatever they set their minds to.

Good For: Ages 8 – 14

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2. Fashion Design 1: Create Your Own Portfolio

Fashion Illustration

If your young learners are budding fashion designers – or even aspiring illustrators, this is the best resource for them.

With over 30 hours of online instruction, kids will get a chance to design and create their own fashion collection! They’ll get year-long access to Youth Digital’s Fashion Design course, will be able to watch engaging videos, and get a chance to complete challenging assignments as they create their own age-appropriate, unique fashion portfolio.

Good For: Ages 8 – 14

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3. Mod Design 1: Learn To Code With Minecraft


Minecraft mods allow kids to bring their own imagination to the already imaginative game of Minecraft. They can build their own mods (rather than purchasing them online). They’ll build the mods from scratch with Java and can share the end result with their friends.

One parent said:

What sold me is this program teaches Java, which is a great starting point to other languages out there like php, ruby, python, and other(s)…My kids were making all kinds of useful tools to the game and were able to test it, then use it right there!

Tamed animals perhaps? Or Star Wars Droids? They can build whatever they can dream up with this year-long Youth Digital course.

Good For: Ages 6 – 14

Need more? Our all-star mom blogger Carisa loved this course – read her review here!

Or watch Presley, a young learner who mastered Mod Design with Youth Digital:

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4. 3D Character Animation Course


Minecraft has become a favorite across all age-groups. This year-long online course teaches kids how to bring their favorite Minecraft characters to life. They will learn how to create animated short films, and other types of animated movies – wherever their imagination takes them.

If you have kids who love animation or who want to start learning the art, or kids who just love Minecraft – make sure to grab this fun course!

Good For: Ages 8 – 14

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5. 3D Game Design 1: Make Your Own Video GameVideo Game Design

Are your kids video game aficionados? Do they spend a lot of time in front of the TV playing games?

Give them a chance to turn their love for video games into a learning experience. With this year-long online course kids will learn the basics of designing a video game for PC. They’ll learn how to bring their imagination to life with lessons on models, textures, volumes, lighting, and even more.

The reward? A 3D game they can play and share with friends!

Good For: Ages 8 – 14

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6. Server Design 1: Learn To Code With Minecraft


Programming has really become an essential in the modern world – schools across the country are even bringing programming to classrooms.

So what better way to initiate your young learners to the world of coding than to let them learn Java as they design and develop their own Minecraft server from scratch?

One happy mom said:

I’m not a mom who was overly thrilled that my son was obsessed with Minecraft, but I take that back now. This is a win-win as Youth Digital has made a game he thoroughly enjoys into an educational learning experience.

What’s more? They’ll even get to play and share this server with their friends.

Good For: Ages 8 – 14

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7. 3D Animation 1: Animate Your Own Movie

3D Animation

3D Animation 1 is an exciting online course that teaches kids 3D animation techniques as they create their own 3D movie!

The course focuses on the 12 basic principles of animation. Throughout the course’s challenging assignments and instructional videos, kids will learn a wide variety of animation skills and concepts. They’ll get a chance to build a broad foundation of animation knowledge, from keyframes to camera movements.

Good For: Ages 8 – 14

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8. 3D Printing And Modeling: Create Your Own Model3D Printing

3D Printing has become really popular over the past few years – most local universities and even some local libraries now boast 3D printers.

This course is a chance for students to bring their very own 3D designs to life.

Kids will learn to design their own three dimensional models through engaging videos, challenging assignments, interactive quizzes, and access to a professional 3D modeling tool. All you have to do is find a 3D printer nearby.

Good For: Ages 8 – 14

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All Youth Digital courses include:

  •  30 hours of instruction
  • 1 year of course access
  • 1 year of online teacher support
  • Self-paced and project-based curriculum
  • Interactive quizzes and challenges
  • Final project & instructor assessment

Learn more about Youth Digital and all of their fun courses here!

I'm not a mom who was overly thWhich activity would be your child’s favorite? Tell us in the comments below!