A High-Tech Way to Monitor the Halls

Education is constantly moving forward. Students are always plugged in, and tablets and laptops have created new learning experiences that couldn’t have existed years ago. Why, then, are so many parts of the classroom still stuck in the past?

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For decades, students have used wooden blocks or pieces of paper to roam the hallways of the schools unchecked. Old-fashioned hall passes are easily forged and rarely do much to keep students who would abuse them from doing so.

Eduspire is working to move one often-neglected part of the classroom into the 21st century – the hall pass. For schools that have adopted more advanced technology solutions, there is another way. The e-hallpass is the modern solution to analog hall passes. By using technology, teachers and administrators can more easily track students and make sure they arrive at their destination in a timely manner.

Using e-hallpass is simple, for both students and teachers. To create an account, students can use existing credentials such as their Google Education login, or create a new account. Students can use the app to put in a request to go see another teacher, go to the office, or any other pre-determined locations. Once a teacher approves it by entering their PIN (and any additional notes), the pass turns from red to green, and a timer starts. At this point, the student may leave. Once they arrive at the destination, the staff waiting for them will check them in, and the teacher will receive a notification that the student has safely made it to their destination.

demo student
Student View


There are more tools for administrators and teachers to track students’ hall usage. There is a teacher dashboard, where the teacher can check on status of e-hallpasses during a given time period. Passes are shown in three colors: grey (passes that have ended), green (current passes), or red (expired passes). Passes will turn red when a student has been gone for longer than the time it should take them to arrive. You can also check how many times a student has requested a pass that day, so teachers can notice students who have already roamed around several times earlier in the day, and can disprove their passes accordingly. You can even export all passes as a CSV for record-keeping purposes.

teacher dashboard
Teacher View


One of the best parts about e-hallpass is the fact that it’s constantly being updated. This summer, Eduspire is adding a feature for teachers to send pass requests to other teachers directly. Teachers will soon also be able to import a barcode scanner to scan student IDs. You will even be able to configure push notifications via email or SMS for overdue passes and other alerts.

Currently, e-hallpass is available early adopters for the amazing price of just .99 cents per download in the school. The app works for everything, including iOS, Android, and Windows devices. There’s no better way to ensure both safety and timeliness from your students than the e-hallpass from Eduspire.

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