Easy Ways to Add Music to Your Lessons

Add Music to LessonsIf The Sound of Music taught us anything (aside from do-re-mi), it was that music is an essential learning tool. Memorization of facts and numbers is a lot more FUN for early learners when there’s a song to accompany each lesson. Not a musical person? No worries! You don’t have to be Fraulein Maria to add music to your child’s learning!

Rock ‘N Learn programs teach and entertain with music, humor and fun characters. Learners ages 3 to 12 can learn about everything from the alphabet, to multiplication, how to tell time and Spanish using Rock ‘N Learn’s interactive DVDs.

For Early Learners

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Early Childhood CollectionAlphabet DVD, Alphabet Al’s ABC Board Book, Colors, Shapes & Counting DVD, Colors, Shapes & Counting Board Book

  • Alphabet Al leads youngsters on an adventure to explore letters and boost vocabulary. Rollie Roundman and friends teach preschoolers about colors, shapes, and counting up to 20. Eventually these concepts are combined for higher-level learning.

Early Learning CollectionNursery Rhymes DVD, Alphabet Exercise DVD, Dance With the Animals DVD

  • These DVD programs will be instant favorites with early learners. While being active, kids learn about letter-word associations, wild animals, habitats, and how to care for pets.

Math Resources

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Early Math CollectionAddition & Subtraction Rap DVD, Money & Making Change DVD, Telling Time DVD

  • Learn all about counting coins and bills and practice making change. Learn to tell time to the hour, half hour, and minute using traditional analog clocks.

Math Rap 3-PackAddition & Subtraction Rap DVD, Multiplication Rap DVD, Division Rap DVD

  • Whether learning facts for the first time or brushing up for speedy recall, it will keep your child focused and engaged.

Parents Use Music at Home

“This is my grandson, JJ, and he’s been watching the Sight Words I, 2, and 3 as well as the Letter Sounds, Phonics 1, Colors, Shapes & Counting, and the Phonics Easy Readers. He already knew his letters before watching the Rock ‘N Learn videos so I wanted something that could take him to the next level. Man oh man did we ever hit the JACKPOT!! The Rock ‘N Learn videos are a fabulous tool for us! Thanks so much! You guys really ROCK!” -Tracy C.

“My son was captivated by Colors, Shapes and Counting!! He is now three and knows all his colors, ABCs, almost all the sight words and is even using letter sounds to read bigger words!”

One of my children is an auditory learner, he reads it, he can’t remember it. But when he hears it, he knows it. All the songs were short and kept to simple facts. The songs had a good background beat that gets stuck in your head (something you want with memorization CD’s). The dictation was clear and very easy to understand. – Victoria, from The Snail Pace

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How Teachers Use Music in the Classroom

Use the musical elements of Rock ‘N Learn DVDs to add math, language, or science learning to the beginning of each day. As your students are getting settled in, turn on the DVD. As they methodically unpack and get out their homework or get organized, they will be hearing the facts repeated over and over to the beat of a cool hip-hop rap!

“Look at that funky little hamster on the front cover of the two rap videos! I mean, who wouldn’t watch that?”

“I am a firm believer in teaching with music. I have learned that using music helps students make better connections to prior knowledge and it helps with memory. Several times throughout the year, I would see my students singing songs that I had taught them while they were completing a test to help them recall how to complete a math problem. Music works! It’s like that catchy little jingle you can’t get out of your head. But with education embedded within. Score!” -Elizabeth, teacher from Fun in Room 4B and Beyond

Musical Learning in Homeschools

“The videos are animated with exciting characters (people and talking animals) who tell stories and go through different games and activities as they teach the concepts. There is A LOT of fun and catchy music and singing. Often the words are flashed on the screen so the kids are hearing it said or sung and seeing the word at the same time. This will help them to really learn each word. My kids, ages 8 and under enjoyed watching these DVDs.” -Gena, homeschooler from I Choose Joy!

Rock N Learn Testimonial - Educents Blog

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Helpful for Special Needs Learning

“My autistic daughter loves her human body and life science videos. She has learned a lot and I can’t wait until the subjects come up in school! Autistic kids love videos, and I don’t mind her watching educational ones such as Rock ’N Learn. It is helping her answer tests better too. Highly recommend to parents of spectrum kiddos.”

Ready to shop?

There is SO much your little ones can learn by singing a song. Use songs to learn about Phonics and Science, or use songs to prepare for test taking and the first year Kindergarten! Check out all of the Rock ‘N Learn DVDs available at a discount on Educents.