Announcing… the Dream Classroom Contest Winners!

Last month, Educents launched the “Win Your Dream Classroom” contest in honor of teacher appreciation month. Over 700 teachers and homeschoolers entered, and almost 40,000 votes were cast in support of these teachers so that they could win a combined $10,000 in educational materials and supplies.


We’re excited today to announce the winners of our contest. We want to thank the HUNDREDS of educators who entered, along with the thousands of voters who took the time to support their favorite entrants.

Here’s Kate and Kailtyn, the founders of Educents, super excited to announce the winners of the Dream Classroom contest! Take it away Kate and Kaitlyn!!!

Meet the Winners

Another big THANKS to our sponsors, FreshGrade, S&S Worldwide, and the Sellers of Educents who helped us give teachers funding for their dream classrooms.

Learn more about the Dream Classroom Contest Winners below!

1st Place – Davian Morgan

Davian Morgan never imagined he would become a teacher. While studying criminal justice in college, he was presented with the chance to join Teach For America. Joining the Teach For America program changed Davian’s life. His decision to become a teacher has also changed the lives of many kids in the Washington DC neighborhood where he now works. Davian’s dream is to teach and inspire kids from the impoverished neighborhood that he grew up in. He plans to use the items on his Dream Classroom Wishlist to give underprivileged kids access to high-quality education. Congratulations Davian, you rock!!!

Watch Davian’s moment of surprise when He wins his dream classroom & check out his teaching style!

“I’m a 2014 Teach For America corps member teaching 2nd grade at a charter school in SE Washington, DC. Next year, I’ll continue to teach as a TFA alum. The majority of the items on my wish list are those that my students may not have access to. Looking forward to another great school year with my civic leaders as they make academic & social-emotional growth! Your vote is greatly appreciated :)”

Browse Davian’s Wishlist 

2nd Place – Tracy Lovantracylovan

“$5,000 would buy a lot of resources for my classroom… I would be happy and my Kindergarten kidlets would be happy too… VOTE for me!!!”

Browse Tracy’s Wishlist

3rd Place – Faith Hipplefaithhipple

“As a member of the math department and the STEAM team, I am working on developing an engaging and meaningful math and STEAM classroom where students can explore, problem solve, and create. Please vote for this project so that we can fill our middle school with supplies designed to motivate learning through imaginative, authentic, and inventive hands-on activities!”

Browse Faith’s Wishlist

4th Place – Brenda W.brendaw

“I am always trying to find ways to add hands-on learning experiences for our students. Many of the items I wished for provide opportunities for the children to move around doing interactive activities. I also am trying to introduce computer/technology opportunities for my students by integrating things like beginning coding to my curriculum.”

Browse Brenda’s Wishlist


5th Place – Kimberli N.winner-kimberli

“I am a 6th-grade teacher, who has taught grades K-11 and understand the importance of a 21st-century classroom. Our students are depending on us, as teachers, to send them into the world prepared for the jobs are awaiting them. Including STEAM, Science, Technology, Art, and Math is the most beneficial skills our students require for high school, college, and the workplace.”

Browse Kimberli’s Wishlist

6th Place – Deana H.deana

“I can help NUMEROUS families in need if I win. My nonprofit,, helps over 11,800 homeschool families in financial need nationwide. My heart goes out to every one of the members who request help with curriculum needs. If I win, I WILL SHARE 100% OF MY WINNINGS with those families who need help the most, in the most dire of circumstances. I am the organization’s founder.”

Browse Deana’s Wishlist

7th Place – Dina Abu Smyehdinaabu

“Kindly help AL Fekr Khanah STEAM team getting all of those wonderful materials to keep our educational programs at acceptable fees. Why? We aim to help our kids take better education as they missed a lot of wonderful opportunities outside our education system. We believe that even small drop of water can break large stones by hitting them day by day.

Browse Dina’s Wishlist 

Congratulations to the winners!!

We are so excited to see what the students in your Dream Classrooms will accomplish next.