Time Travel, Human Body and Geography Lessons All in One Box

On March 11, 2016, a beautiful outdoor school day in our backyard clubhouse turned into a giant scientific time-trip as we traveled back to 353 BC Greece thanks to Know Yourself’s Time Skater’s Adventure Box and the Dr. Bonyfide Presents series

IMG_5647The Time Skaters Know Yourself Adventure is a year-long monthly subscription. The first month’s adventure includes a Time Skaters comic, science experiments and corresponding materials, historical lessons and healthy recipes, all packed in a sturdy box with a magnetic lid (which I found to be really cool!). It’s for kids 8-14 and I can tell you that my 8, 10, and 11-year-olds, not to mention their in-her-30s mama, found it to be very cool!


IMG_5652It was a beautiful day, so I set up our Science/History lesson in the clubhouse.  As you can see, the box was packed full of all kinds of stuff including 2 secret ink pens with lights, a map, six different herbs, putty, an egg rattle, a comic, two notepads, a booklet with instructions, recipes, and other activities, and stickers of the characters found in the comic.


The first month’s adventure takes you to Ancient Greece where you encounter an adventure based about the 5 senses. It included a nice, big map, stickers, and all kinds of other goodies you’ll see in the next picture.


The Sense of Sight: These pens are so cool!  They include black lights on the ends so that you can read the secret message.  I wrote the first one: “I love you!”

The Sense of Touch: Crazy, pink putty!  It was especially fun and gooey, and they loved this one.  We also discovered different textures with it later.  There was enough to split it between 4 kids.

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The Sense of Smell: Herbs from around the world.  They didn’t especially like some of the scents!  The kit came with a guide telling you where each spice was from so that you could mark it on the map with the included stickers.


The comic was engrossing!  A couple of the kids didn’t think they’d care to hear the story, but as they heard their sisters reading it aloud, they all gathered around to take turns reading!

I could hardly get a peek in between legs and heads!  But I finally snuck in this photo as all five of us listened to find out what would happen to the Time Skaters.  Would they make it out of Ancient Greece?!IMG_5688

While they’re sold separately from the Time Skater’s Subscription Boxes, Dr. Bonyfide’s books were the perfect accompaniment to our lessons. Each of the three 200-page books includes full-color illustrations on every single page just like the ones above. There are amazing photos of the skeletal system, and fun activities that teach kids (and grown-ups!) how the human body works in the most incredible ways!


Each page of each Dr. Bonyfide book is so interesting and is just as many pictures as facts which make you really want to turn each page and see what the illustrations are all about.  I’m amazed by how much my kiddos are learning, and they truly love it!  They read these books for fun even on their days off from school.


Dr. Bonyfide Presents: Bones of the Hand, Arm, and Shoulder includes illustrations of each of the finger spelt letters in the alphabet.

My kids are so enthralled with the Dr. Bonyfide Presents books!  They thought this was one of the most fun school days they’d had all year. Two of the books came with 3D glasses to discover hidden riddles about the skeletal system.

You can find the Time Skaters Adventure Box subscription at Educents, along with Dr. Bonyfide’s books at a discount!  Plus, you get 5% back in store credit with every single purchase.

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