DIY Routine Clock: An Easy Way to Keep Kids on Track

Want to help keep your kids on track? Give them independence in managing their time with this visual tool.

Each time your kids look at this DIY Routine clock, they will know which activity should be done at that time. Adapt the routine clock to fit your family’s needs.

DIY Clock Routine Step by Step

Watch the video for a quick step-by-step tutorial.


How to Make a DIY Routine Clock

Materials Needed:

  • Wall clock
  • Glitter pens, markers, or sharpies (5 different colors)
  • Paper or poster board

Step 1

Remove the glass frame from your clock.

Step 2

Choose the first time period dedicated to one activity and color that slice of the clock one color.


For example, the time between 4pm and 5pm is represented with gold. If you’re a talented artist, get creative with the way you color in your slices!diy-routine-clock-4

Step 3

Repeat last step by filling in different time periods with different colors. For example, 5 to 6 is pin, 6 to 7:15 is orange, 7:15 to 8 is blue, and 8 to 8:30pm is purple.


Step 4

Replace the clock’s glass frame on top. Add batteries.

Step 5

Create a legend for your colorful clock. Assign each colorful slice of the clock with a task or activity.


Incorporate whichever after-school activities are most routine in your household. You can assign time for homework, playing, dinner, chores, taking a bath, reading, or getting ready for bed. If you’re a family full of surprises, flexibility, and spontaneity, perhaps you’d like to assign a time for “???”

Step 5

Hang the routine clock and legend somewhere your children can easily refer to it. Explain when the big hand is crossing each color, to check the chart for which activity happens during this time. This will help kids manage their own time and and stay on track with daily activities.

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