Discover This Awesome Handwriting Tool You’ve Never Seen Before

A mom-approved handwriting pad that empowers kids to write independently.

Created by a concerned mom to address every challenge her son faced such as inconsistent letter size, upper/lower case position, and spacing, this tool is the most visual handwriting product on the market.

This handwriting pad is appropriate for children with fine motor skills equivalent to the 1st to 3rd grade. The pad includes 40 sheets or 80 pages of print on both sides.

Why is it cool?

Unlike many traditional writing sheets, Channie’s is the only workbook that incorporates colored blocks and vertical divider lines to regulate proper letter placement. Its brightly colored design creates an easy and fun experience instead of something they dread.

The sheets include a color-coded middle section to guide lower case placement, double spaced lines to force proper spacing that children normally struggle with. Further, they incorporate a boxed layout that maintains and controls children’s ability to write in a confined space along a straight line and allows them to auto-correct themselves. Finally, they outline uniform blocks to ensure consistent and accurate letter sizes.

Writing in the Channie’s Handwriting Workbook is easy and ideal for children with learning disabilities or those with fine motor difficulties.

Children will love their own neat handwriting and they can easily correct themselves when they write outside of the block!

Suggested activities to compliment this novel:

Make the sheets more than just busy practice work by creating fun and authentic uses for them. Use the pad for writing stories, copying favorite song lyrics or poems. Hang the tear-off sheet in a prominent place like on a family bulletin board. Use the sheets to write letters to family and friends, and mail them!

Here’s what a second grade teacher had to say about it:

“This is the first tool that I have utilized that has had significant and consistent impact on my students’ handwriting. Not only have students developed the skills necessary to form their letters appropriately, but when they are ready to transition to regular paper they carry those skills over to their daily writing.”

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