Día del Libro: Educents Raises Money for Oakland Library

Support our local library!

Hey Educents fans! Guess what we’re doing for the love of reading?

In honor of Día del Libro, an international holiday which celebrates reading, we’re offering the reading app Farfaria, which carries hundreds of ebooks for you and your children to read on your smart phone, tablet or iPad! Best of all, we’re donating half of the proceeds to our local library branch. You read that correctly! That means $20 of the $40 from each app purchase of Farfaria is directly donated to the César E. Chávez Branch Library, located in right here in Oakland, California. Even better? Farfaria, a San Francisco-based company, is also participating by donating a premium membership of their app to the library as well. Donate by purchasing the app!

Farfaria Image
Read to your child. It is the best gift you can give.

What makes Día del Libro so special? It’s a day dedicated to reading and sharing the love of reading with children! April 30 is the American Library Association’s Día del Libro, which is great day to promote literacy at home. Take a trip to your local library, read at the park, sit in your backyard and enjoy a story with your kids. And really, is there anything more wonderful than sharing a love of books with your children?

For anyone locally based or interested, the César E. Chávez Branch Library is having an event on May 5th, 2015 hosted by Mariela Herrera, in honor of Día del Libro. For more information, please click here.