Educents Review of CTC Math!

Review of CTC Math Program for Kindergarten Through Calculus!

By: Chris, from Campfires and Cleats!

Welcome friends!
Can you believe that June is upon us?
How can that be?
We’re thrilled that chilly weather will soon be a memory,
along with those single digit temps! Yup, the daffodils will be soon be poking through!
And yet, all of us in the homeschool trenches
still have quite a bit of curriculum to attack and master this school year.
Can I tell you what a blessing I was offered to
assist in doing just that?

Yes, educational sites which offer much, are prevalent.
Perhaps many do as they promise.
But, if you are looking for an affordable, consistent, no frills,
comprehensive approach to math for any level…
I mean ANY level, kindergarten through Calculus, then seriously, look no further!

Educents is advertising a truly amazing new program,:
CTC Math is just what will benefit your kids as an introduction to
or a reinforcement of any math topic.
And I found it offered strong review to me, as a homeschooling mom,
especially as I struggle with grasping the  more
difficult mathematical concepts within algebra
and how to present them in a fundamental, yet simple manner!
Yes, I was provided the benefit of a membership to the site in order touse it with my kids and review it for Educents.
However, I found that
CTC Math truly and sincerely became
a strong asset in our homeschool.

The targeted student audience
for usage of CTC Math
is quite broad and comprehensive.:
Kindergarten through grade 6 (Ages 5-13)
students studying these higher level math disciplines:
Algebra I
Pre Calculus
Algebra II
There’s something for everyone at every level there!

Here’s how you can get started:
Click here for a free try
Sign up here.

How we used CTCMath in our homeschool:

My kids are in grades 5 and 8 and so those levels have been used widely here!
I’ll be sharing some of the math concepts and tutorials around the topics.The course/grade level offerings are on the left (Kinder through Trig)
The stream for grade 5 is in the center:
number, patterns and algebra
space and geometry
stats and probability.

Each topic within
 is on the right.:
Number I
Number II
Patterns and Algebra
Problem SolvingThe same teacher, Pat Murray, conducts all the tutorials.
He is your child’s personal tutor.
He’s  a Dad of 10,
teaching since the late 80s and has a soft, yet
authoritative manner.As far as the 8th grade course, we are studying
Algebra 1 and the CTC program was a great asset in our
pursuit of mastering the basics as well as the more complicated topics.If you are interested in any of the higher level math disciplines, you need only click
on the left and then choose the “stream.”
For example, once in Algebra, simply click let’s say,
“Part 2”
if that is the level you presume to be
for a presentation of these topics:
Algebra Introduction
Algebraic Fractions
Algebraic Equations
Simultaneous EquationsThen click a topic for a video tutorial comprising
numerous examples.
Let’s say you’d like a review of
“Equations Involving Fractions,”
here is a shot of one of these tutorials:Pricing of CTC Math:
$78.80 for a single student account
You can get a free trial right HERE!


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CTC Math: 
I thank Educents for the opportunity to review
and share this  wonderful resource!
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A HUGE THANKS to our amazing guest blogger, Chris from Campfires and Cleats for taking the time to write this thoughtful, honest review!