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Recently, I explored CTCmath online tutoring. At first I wondered, “Okay…how is this program any different from the others I’ve reviewed?” And I have definitely explored tons of different online tutoring programs! Even more, given that I was a tutor myself (back in the “old” days!), I explored the website critically. Guess what? CTC Online Math Tutoring is exactly what I’d look for in an online tutoring company, especially if I had younger children, or junior high/high schoolers in need of math support.


CTCmath provides tutoring for all ages. So if you’re a parent of a Kindergartner who is truly having difficulty counting, for example, CTCmath provides fun lessons that teach children how to count numbers and objects. Likewise, if your 3rd grader simply isn’t “getting” fractions, CTCmath has great, self-paced lessons available. It should come as no surprise that CTCmath can also provide tutoring in Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, etc. That means it could easily work for high school aged kids as well.


There are a few aspects I’d like to highlight about the program. First, the instructor is the same throughout the entire program. No matter what the grade level or lesson, you hear the same teaching style and voice. This is nice because it allows for some sort of continuity in learning. It feels like things progress naturally. And, while I’m thinking about it, let me add the instructor is Australian, so that accent makes the learning fun! Now I don’t know about you, but when I’ve learned mathematical concepts in the past, my brain always performs calculations in my instructor’s voice. Given this teacher’s accent is Australian, it adds to the fun of learning new concepts!


CTCmath provides lessons that are explicit, clear and concise. I watched a lesson on teaching the addition of fractions without common denominators, and I was curious to see how the instructor would explain the process. He provided an illustration to help students visualize how fractions are added. He also provided a formula- the one many students are taught to follow- and explained how to solve the problem using this formula. A lesson about fractions that is both illustrative and explicit? Perfect combination! Even if you don’t agree with the idea of teaching “by the book”, sometimes a formula is exactly what a child needs.


CTCmath lessons teach a little more than your child may be taught in school. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s take the addition of two double-digit numbers. Traditionally, many have been taught to line up the numbers and add vertically, borrowing, carrying, etc. While this may produce a correct answer, if doesn’t allow for mental math to take place. Children don’t actually “get” what’s being added. And they certainly can’t explain their answer. CTCmath provides a lesson for 3rd graders that teaches “bridging the decades”(I know it better as learning “jumps on a numberline”). While I don’t want to go into the details on how this problem-solving skill works, I’ll tell you bridging the decades teaches children mental math and how to understand their answers, and I really appreciate that.

CTCmath has designed its program so it is easy to follow. The lessons aren’t lengthy (maybe three minutes on average). The website is user-friendly and well organized. Practice problems and worksheets are provided (both with answers). The teacher never makes an actual appearance. Instead, the student hears only the teacher’s voice. In my opinion, this is less of a distraction. Your child will end up only watching a lesson instead of a teacher teaching a lesson. All in all, CTCmath is a great tutoring program for anyone looking for basic, clear, and specific instruction in math. Because I like this program so much, I asked CTC Math to offer a discount to Educents members.

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