CTC Math Makes Learning Math Online a Breeze

CTCMathIt’s no doubt that in parenting, one of the hardest things to do is find the time to sit down and work through math problems with your child. You often want this to be your first priority to make sure your child is excelling, but there are so many things that can get in the way. What can you do?


CTC Math has the perfect solution to this problem. CTC Math is an exceptional online math curriculum that lets parents assign lessons and homework for their children at a comfortable pace.

The lessons are split up into different age groups, ranging from Kindergarten concepts like simple addition and counting, to high-level concepts like calculus and trigonometry. The lessons, which consist of video tutorials and slide shows, are easily digestible multi-sensory experiences designed to keep children engaged. Any student can follow along at their own pace, stopping and playing certain parts of the lesson over again at their leisure.

The program allows children to learn at their own pace and go over the same topics time and time again, far past the point human patience usually allows. Your student also will not feel like their learning needs are being ignored, which is the easiest way for a child to disengage with a lesson.tens2

The lessons are easy to navigate and complete for children, but that’s only a fraction of what CTC Math has to offer. On the parent side, there are a ton of great options to set up your child for success. You can not only assign and skip particular lessons, but you can also set specific due dates, leave notes, and track your child’s progress. Busy parents will be able to check the status of their child’s learning on their own time with regular reports sent via email. Parents can also switch to student view to get an idea about what the child is learning.

tens3CTC Math works not only on computers, but it is fully optimized for iPads and Android tablets. Young learners who are already comfortable with technology will be able to easily navigate the service.