Creative Ways to Capture Back to School Photos

Back to School Photo Gifts
Whether you’re sending your kiddos off to traditional school or you’re a homeschooling parent, it can actually be very easy to make that first day of school something special. I love taking a first day of school photo, and I really like the idea of making some special little gifts for my kiddos that they can discover throughout the day. At the bottom of the post, you’ll see a collage of some of my favorite ideas for first day of school gifts. But first, the back-to-school photos!

I’m going to let each of the kiddos choose what style they’d like for their back-to-school photos from the other great ideas in this post. That way, each photo will be totally unique and totally them!

DIY Chalkboard PhotosFirst day of school photo ideas - Educents Blog

Here is the photo we took last year. These aren’t real chalkboards, they’re simply printed cardstock we got from the Hallmark store. My handwriting is little more than chicken scratch but if yours isn’t, you could easily make these yourself by writing on black construction paper mounted on cardboard. Or, try using these printable back-to-school signs (only $1!). My littles were so cute and so excited to start the school year!

Vintage Photos First day of school photo ideas - Educents Blog

I really like the old-fashioned feel of these photos. These photographers have some amazing skills, but I know we could do something just as awesome! I’m crossing my fingers that one of my daughters will choose this style of back-to-school photo. As far as props go, if you don’t have these kinds of things around the house I’ve actually seen a lot of similar items from the dollar store and thrift stores — especially the antique looking frames, floral items, and decor.

Traditional Photos First day of school photo ideas - Educents Blog

These photos just magnify “Back-to-School,” don’t they? They remind me of my own first day of school photos, standing on the front porch or walking up to the school bus. It makes me want to dig out the old photo albums and get some inspiration from yesteryear.

Artsy Photos First day of school photo ideas - Educents Blog

Personally, I want my kiddos faces in their back-to-school pics but these photos are super cute and I think I’d especially like to use them if I was making a collage, combining them with photos of my student’s smiling face.

Lunch Box Goodies and Gift Ideas First day of school gift ideas - Educents Blog

Before I started searching for Back-to-School photo ideas, I never even imagined making my kiddos these type of goodies. But now that I see there are so many that exist and now that my own creative juices are flowing, I am so excited to fill their desks with some of these on the first day of school!

I hope these ideas inspire you and that you and your kiddos have an amazing first day of school!

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